Why Representation?

Why Tenant Rep (The Office Advisors)

When most companies sign a lease they throw it in a drawer and forget about it. Every year that goes by they have another rate increase and think it is just the norm. Many business owners have the mindset that “no one can do it better than me”, or I do not want to pay someone to do something so seemingly simple. Did you know that your landlord has hired representation? Did you know that the cost of a Tenant Rep Broker is 99.9% of the time free for the tenant?

When any business signs a lease they are entering into a legal contract. If you do not have industry-specific knowledge you could be signing a death warrant for your business. There are many hidden items that one might never consider. Options for growth for your business you were not aware to be available. Rights you had, fines you did not realize, money left on the table for building an office you deserve paid for by the landlord!

We at The Office advisors have the latest and most advanced software and the right industry relationships to search, locate and execute on your needs specific to your business. We take each client through a systematic approach that begins with defining your business objectives and setting up expectation. Together we plan a strategy that is unique to your business and set out with a clear vision and objective in order to achieve your growth. This saves time and confusion so we can execute the objectives as a collective without waste.