Office Space to Lease

 If you are searching for office space in Atlanta, then search no further than The office Advisors. Office space in Atlanta can be a confusing and time consuming task. We are here to help with your office space needs, whether that be general office space, medical office space or even coworking office space. Our team of experienced  tenant representatives will help guide you in your search for any of your office space needs. We are active in the market daily which gives or team certain market knowledge not available to everyone else.The office advisors are continually working on lease negotiations for our clients. Knowing what is currently happening in lease terms in the Atlanta office market allows our team of advisors help you get the best terms for your office space. 


Why Hire a Tenant Representative 

When it comes to looking for office space or medical office space in Atlanta or metro Atlanta area. A business owner wants to make sure you have the right tenant representation. Having tenant representation is your first line of defense in protecting your money when it comes to leasing office space. With The Office Advisors you can rest assured that we are representing you the tenant and not the landlord. The landlord has representation protecting his money. Shouldn’t you have representation protecting yours. 

Trying to find the right location is frustrating at times. Have you ever started to look and think you found the perfect location only to find out that it has been leased for months? Have you tried to view a potential new location and the broker will not return your calls? We at The Office Advisors understand how annoying this can be. Our team takes the time to verify availability of potential space so you do not have to. Our brokers have built relationships with brokers through our years of experience so they will actually call us back. We take pride in our good reputation and continually work on bettering it through not only our industry partners, but our clients eyes as well.  

Free Up your Time

Looking for office space to lease is a time consuming process that takes precious time away from the business owner or business manager. A tenant reps job is to free up the owner or manager so they can do what they do best, run the business! We know that this is the best use of your time. So let us at The Office Advisors do the searching for office space for you. We understand that having a great office location is can be a vital role in your company’s success and will ultimately impact your bottom line. A lease can be the number one or two expense for a company. We never 

Contact us Today

So if you are interested in learning more on how to lease office space in the Atlanta area. We are easy to reach you can give us a call at 404-661-2137. Do phone calls scare you or you are just not sure about what you are looking for. Then fill out our easy form on the homepage of and one of our brokers will reach out to you. Leasing office space does not have to be scary or time consuming. Let us free up your time and let you run your business.