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Commercial Tenant Representation

We take our approach commercial real estate a bit differently. The Office Advisors start with your end goal in mind. The client experience with is our top priority and to ensure our clients expectations are met and often exceeded, we consult with our clients at the start of the relationship. During this consult, we discuss current and future needs for your business. We want to make sure your goals are attainable during the commercial acquisition process. The Office Advisors locate space that is industry specific and assist in your decision making on the appropriate size and layout of your space. We aid in the negotiations with the landlord, always with your best interest and most importantly your wallet in mind.

The best cost advantage to you is having us on your side. On almost all advertised properties the landlord is paying a commission. That commission is shared with us when we represent a tenant. If the tenant is not represented then that commission is kept by the listing brokerage. So whether you choose to have professional representation or not, there is usually no cost savings to negotiate on in the lease. 


The landlord has representation for listing his space, negotiating the terms for him. Having us on your side just makes good business sense. Let us help you by allowing us to take the time and stress off your shoulders, so you can focus on what is most important, running your business.


Advertising Commercial Office Space


Our marketing strategy started when our company decided to purchase our own office building. To say the process was aggravating was an understatement. We searched and searched, but either we couldn’t get a feel for what the building needed from the marketing, or we couldn’t get ahold of the agent on the file. Frankly, we didn’t have the time to set up a million showings and we needed to make a property short list. The property we purchased was the only one in the NW Atlanta area that we were able to view and see that it would fit our needs prior to viewing the property. 

We understand what tenants and buyers are going through and we understand how difficult it can be to find the right commercial property. Our marketing makes it easier to see by prospective tenants which increases the audicence viewing the space and reduces the on-market time. Our advertising system puts your property in front of the largest possible audience. Rest assured, if someone googles your property with us they will find it and they will be blown away with the amount of data, creative copy, and marketing media presented online.

Our commercial property marketing resources include:  

Commercial Aerial Drone Photography – When it makes sense, our marketing team can coordinate for a drone to shoot HD video and photography of the building or commercial land available for sale. Please note that we can not operate the drone in areas restricted by the FAA. This includes any property within a 5 mile radius of an airport.  

3D Virtual Tours – When we need to let people get a feel for how the space is set up we use a Matterport camera to create a 3D model where people looking to purchase or lease commercial properties can “walk through” the property online.  

Advertising Network – When it comes to exposure, we don’t joke around. We advertise all commercial properties on Loopnet and Costar, the two biggest platforms for commercial listings. However, since there is often times a paywall that that data is hidden behind we also advertise our properties under the commercial section of the local MLS systems. This additional exposure opens an entirely different market for the property to be viewed by the public. 

Team Building

In many cases the amount of planning and strategy that can go into a move or expansion requires many different fields of expertise to ensure the final product is that what all sides envisioned and is delivered upon in the utmost quality. This is why our industry partners are ones who have the highest reputation and deliver quality and professional services at every opportunity.