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COVID-19 Business Strategies 

In this week’s episode of the weekly Mastermind meeting. Our panel discusses how to look for opportunity in times of panic. Covid-19 business strategies and how to adapt coming out of them. We take a look at different industry leaders and how they’re going to adapt to going forward. The businesses strategies that come out of this or each individual’s ideas and thoughts on how to cope with a current crisis.

Commercial Real Estate point of view 

Our VP of commercial operations this week  starts off. He discusses his thoughts on how to deal with the current covid-19. The business strategies he believes in. That there’s always opportunities when everyone else panics.  A quote from Warren Buffett leads in. Buying when there is blood in the streets is a nod to the current crisis. This means that when everyone is panicking and prices drop this is the time when fortunes are made. The Commercial real estate point of view varies from broker to broker.

Moreover he believes that investors and others alike should make business moves. Likely in order to best use the opportunities at hand. Trying to get out in front of investors in commercial real estate is the best business strategy for our commercial operations. Install process is to look at the two sides of the equation. In relation to the ones who are negatively impacted in the ones who are positively impacted. And how to react appropriately.

Mortgage point of view

Now, Cheryl Capeli takes it from a mortgage point of view. She discusses guidelines and educating the clients. Slightly scary to see how people might be helped. There is no hard and fast rule as of yet on any business strategies to help clients. No slowdown expected for the mortgage industry. She believes that more quality home buyers will emerge. Cheryl is positioning herself to be the voice of education going forward.


National Architecture Opportunities

Thirdly Matt is head of business development for PGAL. He is based in the Atlanta area. PGAL is known nationally for their work on airports and other large municipalities. Likewise They are still going strong and not slowing down. PGAL is looking to take advantage of the opportunity by picking up more people from other firms. Their competition is taking a step back. Matt business strategies are to continue to hire and push on getting contracts. Matt is always looking for national architecture opportunities. 


Insurance Business strategies

Furthermore A.C. Moore has been in the insurance field for over 40 years. He has worked for a fortune 40 corporation. Currently owning and operating a brokerage of his own. A.C.’s insurance business strategies for opportunity are unique. He is looking at companies’ benefits to capitalize on the rise of telehealth. 

Catering and Hospitality Business Strategies.

Now, Shamaree Moton discusses how they are adapting. Shamauree discusses her catering and hospitality business strategies. She is now using this opportunity to deliver meals instead of large events. Word of mouth is very key for her business strategies. 


Construction Loan Consulting Business Strategies

Finally Andrew Silverman has experience from construction program management. His business strategies include how to get lien waivers accomplished. This is because the clerks offices are closed. Also He is navigating with the aid of attorneys on how to protect the lender with incomplete information. 


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