Today on Atlanta Business Ops we are joined by Errol Allen, a real estate investor that has found success with short-term rentals. Errol discovered a way to bridge the financial gap between owning multiple properties and operating an Air B&B. By partnering with existing landlords, he found that he could create win-win situations that increase rent for the owner, and access to properties for himself.  This allowed Errol to find great success.

In the episode, Errol discusses his strategy with landlords. He also shares about short term tenants and challenges. As a result of his efforts, Errol has become a success in the short-term market. He has also found steady growth in his model.

IMG 0176

As he navigates through the perils of being a landlord, Errol speaks to the power of having a system in place. Host Reid Moore and Errol speak to the power of having a trusted team to help you achieve your goals.IMG 0174


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