How is COVID-19 going to set a precedent for your business

COVID-19 Business Challenges 

In this weeks episode of the weekly Mastermind meeting. Our guests and VP are exploring the challenges we are facing for their industry. They discuss how hiring and motivating employees is difficult.. Also our guests discuss new products and services that have emerged. The different industries seem to be following a pattern. Tune in to find out what they say.

VP of Commercial Real Estate

Our Vice President of commercial real estate opens up the meeting. He discuss our current challenge to hire new brokers. With the current conditions the interview and hiring process is difficult. He wonders if he is looking for a unicorn in a market that does not have them.

CEO of Multiple Companies

As a CEO of multiple companies Roman’s business challenge is motivating at this time. He feels that the zoom meetings and calls are not enough. The business challenge is keeping a team motivated. These task feel to him like a check mark. Also he helps our VP with hiring idea. Furthermore, an idea is given to him about sending food or coffee to his teams as a motivator for meetings.

Mortgage Business Challenge

Cheryl’s business challenge in the mortgage field is guidelines. Also she is trying to keep motivating buyers. She faces a constant changing of regulations. Secondly this causes confusion for the buyers. She knows that she has to be the voice of education while staying on top and being accurate.

Architecture business challenge

Matt’s business challenge is architecture still booming. Moreover, he is wanting to position his team at the top. They are trying to get in contact with entities that are not working at this time.


Lastly, AC was not able to give his business challenge. However he did contribute on all others business’s challenges. Our Vice President messed up and forgot to call on him this week. Also this is our Vice president father, so he is used to it. His challenges are dealing with his sons daily.