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Are you in need of tenant representation? Let the Office Advisors provide you with their knowledge andexpertise in order to find your perfect working space. Please fill out our short form and we will be intouch with you as soon as possible.



How much does a rep cost?

  • Representation is free for the tenant. The landlord pays for the rep’s time and commission. Thisamount is already factored into the landlord’s budget.

What is T.I. Allowance?

  • T.I. Allowance stands for “Tenant Improvement Allowance”. An agreement from the landlord tocompensate the tenant for some or all of the cost for a build-out.

How much space will I need?

  • This is subjective and based off of your office needs/ staff size. You can use an architect or spaceplanner to assist youin finding your office size requirements. (Quick Example: 100 to 200 squarefeet per employee)

When should I start looking for space?

  • Generally, you should start looking for space 3 to 6 months out at the latest if you are looking tomove or upgrade your office space. Keep in mind the process from signing the lease to moving in can take up to 90 days. (**Or more depending on buildout type)


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