Commercial Real Estate Broker

Commercial real estate broker licensing:


Most people question if there is a difference between a commercial real estate broker’s license and a residential one. Well in the state of Georgia there’s only one license requirement. There are a couple of organizations and companies who provide training and support in order for you to become licensed. However, they are typically geared towards the residential agent. Becoming a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta means a few different things. First you must become license through the state exam. This requirement is for all Brokers as well as agents. Everyone who wants to provide a real estate service must first become license. A commercial real estate broker is Generally used as a broad term. Most businesses and individuals refer to them as a broker even though they may be just an agent. And there is a separate certification to become a actual broker in Georgia

Furthermore, you must be an agent before you can become a commercial real estate broker. There is a fee involved as well as a melt of hours required by the state. this goes for the entire state of Georgia. First you must take the classroom portion coupled with an exam. Each individual must take a certain number of hours in the class. This can be done in person or online. However it must be completed prior to taking the classroom exam. Each commercial real estate broker and residential one goes to the same course. Is a curriculum that is set by the state in the Georgia real estate commission.

Once a person who is interested in this job has completed their coursework as well as past their classroom exam, then they’re able to take the state test. The state test is administered at a site with a proctor involved. It is a 3-hour test and is fairly intrusive. Unfortunately, this is the basic step in becoming a commercial real estate broker. After you have passed your agency exam had some time in the field you Can move on to the next step. after two-and-a-half years of being a license agent then you can take the broker exam course.The requirements of this course are very similar to the agency course. There’s a classroom portion as well as exam before you’re able to take the state test.


Benefits of having a commercial real estate broker:


There are many benefits to having a commercial real estate broker on your side. Navigating through contracts can be difficult. Not only are they contracts very specific, but the negotiation interest these can be as well. Many negotiation tactics as well as expectations are governed by nuances. Some of these nuances are based on the market or even down to the submarket.


So what are the benefits of of having real estate representation?

Some of the benefits of having a commercial real estate broker on your side include finding a property. Now, the internet is a powerful thing and most people think they can find it useful in any situation. However, the dirty little secret is that most of these listing sites are owned by one company. Meaning they had a Stranglehold and control over the entire Market. Therefore, you must be a licensed commercial real estate broker in order to access all the properties. For the most part, A consumer only sees 20% of the properties that are currently available on the market.

Subsequently, a good commercial real estate broker is able to benefit you by finding off-market properties. Most investors want a good deal. Therefore, a skilled agent or broker is able to locate deals by finding off-market properties for their client. If a good commercial real estate broker understands their Market they are able to navigate easily through it and detect potential Investment Properties or locations for their customers or clients.

Another example of why it is good to have someone on your side representing you is your time. If you’re a business or investor most people don’t have much time to search in the play for real estate. Does having an experienced agent or broker will free you up. They should free you up to do what you do best, that is focus on your business or income. TOA does this well by being efficiency experts.

Commercial real estate broker salary:

There are many people who wonder what a commercial real estate broker makes some salary. You might even be one of these people. Especially, since most individuals think that they are very well off. That is a commercial real estate broker makes a lot of money. Now, this might be the case if you were only successful. However, generally speaking, there’s no salary. Add most locations it is a commission-only job. So if you want to be a successful commercial real estate broker you have no salary. The old saying is you eat what you kill.

Moreover, there are some ways to make a salary as a commercial real estate broker. However, it is most of the time in a minimal amount and it’s called a draw. This is set up at larger firms for junior agents coming fresh into the field. Commercial real estate as a whole takes longer to close deals. As well as gain trust as a commercial real estate broker from your potential clientele. So a larger commercial real estate firm might put a new agent on a draw. This is a very small amount and barely a living wage. They are expected to produce and their commissions will be reduced in order to pay back the amount given upfront. So if you’re thinking about coming to a commercial real estate broker you must understand that it is a commission-only job and overall does not have a salary attached to it.


Commercial real estate broker in Atlanta Jobs:

The question that comes up a lot is what jobs are there for a commercial real estate broker? There are a few different verticals you can work as a licensed commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Some of these include a tenant representative, landlord representative, investment broker, business broker as well as Property Management. Trying to find which one you would be a fit for takes some time. Especially since each of these has a niche market as well. Within the tenant representation world, you could be focused on a certain industry type. Some of these include industrial, retail, or office. Now, you are not limited by your license on which one you can practice. However, a good amount of commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta choose a single vertical to stay in.


Jobs in a commercial real estate brokerage [H2]


One question many individuals have is what type of job can I get at a commercial real estate brokerage? As an agent or a broker, your options are narrowed. However, they can be broad as well. Some people might say this is confusing, but let us break it down. As a licensed individual, your role is typically an agent or a broker. You’ll be representing clients of all shapes and sizes. Whether they are an investor or a company. Within the brokerage, there are many different verticals for you to focus on. These can range from a retail center to an end Industrial Park.

Typically as a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, you will have a focus. Whether that is in tenant representation or on the investment or landlord side. Some of your jobs will be helping companies or tenants find Space. You’ll be representing a company as a whole in order to locate and negotiate on their behalf. You want to locate a space where they will feel comfortable and thrive. Typically you either represent the tenant or the owner. An owner is the landlord side and a company is the tent side.

Furthermore, if you are not on this representation side of leasing you are on the asset acquisition or disposition side. Meaning you’re working for an investor or Investment Group. These individuals help buy and sell the commercial real estate of the owner. If you are on this side of a commercial real estate transaction it can be very profitable.

However, if you’re just looking for a job at a traditional commercial real estate Brokerage in Atlanta there are your typical office jobs as well. Accounting, as well as office administration, is still needed. There are also analyst positions that young brokers typically go after. This will give you a base knowledge of how deals are done and transacted. If you’re looking for a job add a commercial real estate Brokerage in an unlicensed there is still an opportunity.


Commercial real estate broker Atlanta Linkedin

Social media is not as important as many think. Especially when it comes to being a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. However, utilizing purely business networking sites such as LinkedIn has its benefits. Most business professionals are active or at least carry a profile on LinkedIn. When you were a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta your LinkedIn must be at the 500-plus connections mark. This shows you are an active business individual. Unfortunately, people respect this more and it is all based on nothingness.

Even though LinkedIn is technically a social media platform. Many different industry professionals utilize this. LinkedIn as a hole for commercial real estate brokers is another platform to boast on. Furthermore, some of the older clientele use it just like they use Facebook. TOA takes the platform in a different view. We see it as a great networking tool in order to assist potential clients as well as gain alliances. Typically, individuals such as lenders, contractors, and other industry professionals will reach out to us. All of them of course they’re trying to sell their services to us.

As a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, you must be able to sift through the noise and align yourself with good companies. Many of these companies have great individuals behind them. They are ones that are able to utilize LinkedIn to their ability and game a conversation. Cold calling is tough to do especially if you were just blindly reaching out to a certain industry professional. However, utilizing a platform like LinkedIn allows you to send messages and put a face to the name. As a psychological stop seeing someone’s face makes you more apt to listen. Therefore, TOA uses the LinkedIn platform for a variety of reasons.

Unlike our competition each commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on our team is required to keep a forward-facing appearance. Therefore they must be professional at all times on their social media platforms, especially LinkedIn. We will Market your property on this platform as well. Therefore, if there are any investors or other companies out there searching they can find it. Not just putting it on a website or using Facebook. LinkedIn gives a more professional approach. so if you want a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta who is professional and can utilize social media platforms we are the right one for your needs.


Commercial real estate Broker Online Courses

Technology has come a long way. However, education when it comes to being a commercial real estate broker is key. Especially if you were looking to take any type of online course. This can vary on experience level. So if you are looking to be a licensed commercial real estate broker in Atlanta I would strongly suggest not taking the online course. This is for your pre-license exam.

Generally speaking, the pre-license online course is extremely difficult. Especially, if you have been out of the school environment for any. Of time. However, if you are young and have experience with online courses this might be a choice for you. The pre-license is intense and contains a lot of information. Therefore, many prospective licensees choose to do them in-person courses instead.

Online courses can be an exceptional way to get your continuing education. After you become a licensed commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, they’re still requirements to maintain. Some of these requirements are continuing education courses and post-license exams. Many of these courses are focused on the type of vertical you would be working as a commercial real estate agent. There are broad courses such as commercial real estate 1 and 2. Also, they’re more focused type online courses. These online courses for a commercial real estate broker can range from industrial leasing to land sales and development.

Whichever path you may choose to focus on there’s an online course for it. So if you are a busy individual and we can learn from a web-based program. These might be great options for you to look at. Especially if you were crunched for time and they are not offering that course in your immediate area. Traveling in Booking hotels has become slightly expensive over the past few years. Therefore, Mini commercial real estate brokers have chosen to do the online route.

Even if these courses are generally offered in person a web series might be an alternative. They allow live streaming of the class and you can join in. However, you must be present throughout the entire course with your camera on. Most people have learned the trick of turning off their cameras and acting like they are present for a class. Even though many online courses you can do this easily and effectively. When dealing with a continuing education course for your real estate it might not be possible. Especially since the Proctor might require your camera on and participation from each student. So if you’re looking for continuing education or to get your license you can have this option. Doing an online course is an acceptable path to being a successful commercial real estate broker.


Commercial real estate brokers


Working with commercial real estate brokers seems to be a necessary task. Whether you are in the industry or not a few things typically stand out. There may be a large number of commercial real estate brokers in your area. However, very few are successful. Unfortunately, many of them will act more successful than they are. This is a ego-driven crowd. Whether you work with them on a day-to-day basis because you are in the industry Or your contact with them is only sparingly. A few facts remain evident about their temperament and job description.

Generally, commercial real estate brokers are an easy-going crowd. Especially if they’ve been in the industry any type of time. Knowing that a commercial real estate transaction takes longer than most you must remain cool at it. Therefore if you were looking to hire one it is important to find somebody who is energetic but also level-headed. Negotiations can get heated. also, younger commercial real estate broker seem to have an ego about them. This is because they will generally work for a large firm. Commissions are large in this industry as well so it gives people an air about them.

Fortunately, if you work with TOA Commercial you will see things are different. Even though many of us might be ego-driven. We only hire service-minded commercial real estate brokers. Meaning they must work for the client no matter of what their commission will be. We of course love to get paid the most amount possible. However, if we are representing a tenant or a buyer it is important to keep their budget in mind. We will never obligate you to purchase or lease any type of commercial real estate. We are here to help guide you and provide you with as much information as possible. The decision ultimately lies with you the Owner or CEO of the company.

Commercial real estate brokers can do a Litany of jobs. However, you must be licensed to practice real estate. Going through your licensing does not necessarily mean you are a qualified candidate.Experience goes a long way when assisting clientele. Commercial real estate brokers only gain experience through Hands-On deals. Whether they are representing landlords or tenants the qualifications are generally the same.

Being a qualified agent or broker for your clients is your ethic duty. You have a responsibility to represent them. If you do not understand the task is important to partner with someone who dies. You will see many Partnerships amongst commercial real estate brokers. This is because the work is more intensive than many assume. So having a team behind you can help you or your company be set up for success. commercial real estate brokers will typically fight for you no matter what company they are at. However, the best work at TOA.


Commercial real estate broker Advantages


Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of being a commercial real estate broker. one of the disadvantages of being a commercial real estate is your time availability. now, most of us get into this industry in order for the flexibility. However, as an independent contractor and commission only based salary things are different. You were generally dictated by your clientele. Meaning you have to work within their schedule in order to accomplish things. Whether that would be a tour or a contract that is trying to be submitted. Time is a big factor when it comes to being a commercial real estate broker. Especially, how you utilize your free time.

another disadvantage is the fact that is commission-based only. It is eat what you kill. Your only income as a commercial real estate broker will be whatever deals you create and successfully closed. Now, if you have other Investments this is smart. Most people do not create wealth by being in real estate. They create their wealth by investing in. However, since you are being a commercial real estate broker the deals should come easier to you. A large amount of successful agents and Brokers invest in Deals they are part of.

Moreover, there are the flipside advantages to being a commercial real estate broker. What are the major advantages is you don’t have to answer to anybody but yourself. However, you work at a large firm or even a small brokerage production is generally required. Most of the time you will not have someone telling you to work from 9 to 5. Another good advantage is your earning potential is unlimited. As a independent contractor you are not capped on the amount of deals you were able to close. Therefore, your earning potential is only dictated by the efforts you are willing to put in to it. There may be a large amount of commercial real estate brokers in your area. However, very few of them are making the large dollar amounts. Therefore, in order to be successful you must put in the work. Your income can be in extreme amounts you never dreamed up.


Affordable commercial real estate broker


There’s an old investing in sales quote. It goes something like this. In the absence of value there is only price. What it means is that there’s no value you’re gaining from it price is the only thing that matters to the consumer. So if you would like a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta that is cheap. Then you’ll probably be getting less of value service. TOA Commercial stands out from our competition based on the service we provide.

There are a dime a dozen commercial real estate brokers. Especially ones that are so law offices. meaning they are the only proprietaire in their entire brokerage. If you are a single man firm some negative connotations come to mind. There’s a saying in the commercial real estate world that if you are a broker of 1 it means you can work with no one.As a consumer I would be hesitant to work with a commercial real estate broker that is a solo practice. Having a team is typically more efficient in the service is better.

Discount Commercial Real Estate Broker


there are always a group of people who are looking for a deal. It doesn’t matter the value of the service they receive. What do typically do is search for any type of discount or coupons they can receive. We’ve had a few individuals looking for this service as well. They are typically referred to as a discount commercial real estate broker. However, there is only a few that offer this type of service. Mainly the companies that are offering a discount commercial real estate broker or just posing as one. They are a traditionally residential real estate company. However, since the general public is unaware of the differences in commercial and residential designations. The residential firm might receive a few inquiries about Commercial Services. Now, let me be clear. In the state of Georgia there is no difference between a commercial real estate broker and a residential one. The licensing is exactly the same and as a license holder you were able to practice both types of Real Estate.

However, commercial real estate is generally more intrusive. This can be whether it is a contract or the amount of financial Capital that is involved. On a simple lease tax returns multiple accounts have to be approved by the landlord. Unlike a residential apartment lease. The intrusiveness doesn’t stop there. Sometimes before you’re even able to look at a commercial property your broker must present proof of funds. there’s a lot of work involved and being a discount commercial real estate broker most of the time it does not exist.

The reason a discount commercial real estate broker is not a viable option is because the amount of work that goes into properties. Weather is for a purchase and sell or trying to at least up an entire shopping center. Operating in a discount means that you were working for pennies per hour. Most people do not like to work for those wages they are for, you will not see many discount commercial real estate brokers. Is just not a viable financial model for most circumstances. Now with pending inflation and a possible recession On The Rise. We are looking at all of our options and seeing if this might be a service we can offer top of our full-service commercial real estate broker fees. Financial viability goes into the thought process be behind a discount commercial real estate broker. If there is a business model that will work on this. there would be more individuals or firms looking to become a discount commercial real estate broker.


Commercial Real Estate Broker Commission

At this point I’m sure you’re aware being a commercial real estate broker is a commission-only job. This of course is unless you are a executive of the highest nature for a firm. As a executive you will typically be paid a salary for running the branch. However, many times you’re still able to run your deals and make commissions off of them. Everyone else though that is a commercial real estate broker in The Firm will be on commission only. Since this is an eat what you kill type industry it breed certain individuals. Meaning that it is typically Cut Throat in a bunch of Alphas out there to create deals. as well as make as much money off as many deals as possible.

In some brokerages this type of dynamic can create a toxic environment. However, that is not always the case. You must have an open dialogue with most of your commercial real estate brokers in the office. Since everyone is commission-based is important that deals are done quickly and efficiently. That way more commissions can be made during each quarter of the year. At our company we make sure that communication is open. Since you are a commercial real estate broker on commission only we want to provide opportunities at every turn.

If you have an understanding of sales you will know that the commission-based paste structure is not for everyone. Especially if you were lazy and do not like to create results that you were responsible for. Having your livelihood be commission only as a commercial real estate broker can create tension for you as well as your family. It is important that you have something set up or are able to create massive amounts of deal flow. The stress that goes along with this type of job is almost insurmountable. It takes a special commercial real estate broker to forge ahead on each commission check.

Focus is key as well. Mini commercial real estate brokers will get a fat commission check. After they make a large amount on this they might disappear for a few weeks or even months. Drifting is a major disease that happens a lot in our industry. Once they make a large sum in start drifting the deal start drying up. Therefore it is important to celebrate your wins but continually forging ahead. As a commission-based only pay structure you must keep a pipeline that is full in constantly turning up new deals.

So as you can tell it takes a special breed in order to make this a successful career. Your mindset must be clear and so as your focus. Performance base job such as this only weed out the weak. So if you’re thinking about becoming a commercial real estate broker remember this. It is commission-only.


Better Results


Taking a look back at this entire article you might not understand all of the benefits of having a commercial real estate broker. However, it is important to understand that if you were going into a purchase or lease situation the other side typically has representation. We believe it only makes good business sense to have a commercial real estate broker on your side. Whether you are the one spearheading the negotiations or doing things on your terms. There are a few main reasons that stand out on why having a commercial real estate broker on your side is important.

One, is the market knowledge. understanding a specific Market as well as the conditions of it is important to success. This is because in commercial real estate each market or submarket has its nuances. What is typical in one might not be expected in another. As an example just in the Atlanta metro area not everything is the same from north to south. Indian Northern Metro markets most of the landlords will be giving some type of tenant Improvement allowance. The tenant Improvement allowance is for when a business is leasing some type of space. This Improvement allowance goes towards the build-out of the tenants location. Whether this is for construction or equipment is to be seen. However, if you go towards more of the Southern Atlanta metro markets allowances are not always given. So when trying to look for a location besides the feel and budget it is important to understand what can be negotiated.

Having a knowledgeable commercial real estate broker can save you money and not only the short-term but the long run as well. Furthermore, the market knowledge can be as simple as pricing or competitive structure. Meaning that the other competing businesses in the area and if your service or Goods can compete against them.

Secondly if you were looking to negotiate on a lease or even a purchase and sale contract the daily nuances of real estate negotiations are important. Having a knowledgeable commercial real estate broker on your side can look out for pitfalls. In a recent example from our firm a contract That was submitted did not line up to what was originally agreed upon. After one of our commercial real estate brokers who read the actual contract line by line, then only did this discrepancy make itself known.

Whether you choose to work with TOA or another firm. We always believe it is important to have representation. You may feel like you’re doing the brunt of the work in locating the site. However, is important to have someone on your side who can navigate the ins and outs of a commercial real estate deal.


Additional designations and certifications


Getting your license is not the end of your education when it comes to real estate. There are other designations that help you stand out and become a better commercial real estate broker. One of the most prominent ones is known as the CCIM. This stands for Certified Commercial Investment Member. This designation is one of the highest regarded commercial real estate designations. It lets Brokers as well as customers know that you have taken the time to better understand the industry as well as its intricacies. All ccim members have to complete a very rigorous program of course work. As well as training. They cover everything from industry analysis to financial and experience from all corners. If you choose to hire a ccim member it’ll help you minimize your risks as well as maximize the return on your investment. As a graduate of the ccim you shot better be equipped to inform your clients as well as optimize the value of their real estate.

Furthermore, there is not only one designation. There are many others designations in the commercial real estate World. However, few stand out as much as the CCIM. So in order to make yourself stand out as a commercial real estate broker work company having the CCIM designation can accomplish this.

Whether you were looking to advance your career or understanding in commercial real estate or hire a broker to represent you. Looking for certain designations can help you make that decision. However, just like most courses in classes it is a for-profit thing. Having someone who understands your needs and can navigate you through the entire transactional process is also key. Work with TOA for the best service and knowledgeable commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta.