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Zillow Commercial real estate listings | Put them in front of the right buyer

 I want to ask you a question first, is that okay? Now that you’ve been at home with quarantine for Going on 30 plus days. Have you thought about Investments? I’m sure you’ve been spending a lot of your time on the internet. Many of us have been scrolling or browsing through different social media. Some of us have made me even take the time to start looking at investment opportunities. Maybe you have even searched Zillow for commercial real estate listings.(404) 594-3028. 


 Now what you might not be aware of, Zillow is not the right place to look for these. I am sure that you are trying to figure out different sources of income. Because of the global crisis that we are facing. Many people’s income has either dried up or been cut. This creates the thought process of looking for different Avenues to make money. Commercial real estate is one of these Avenues. However  going to Zillow for commercial real estate listings is going to be a waste of time.


Must be on the right websites

 There are many other websites out there for you to look at. You might not even be aware of any of these. Commercial real estate investing is not a secret. However, sometimes it might feel like finding those property listings. Zillow commercial real estate listings is not where you’re going to find the cream of the crop. This is not even where you are going to find many first-time investors. The other websites that you might want to check out its loopnet.com or costar.com. You will inevitably run into a pay wall if you want to find out all the information on a property listing.


Now when you were searching for commercial real estate listings many people do not understand that this is a risk. The risk is finding the right property in evaluating the fact that if it is a good price to buy. We believe that in times of recessions is always the best time to buy. Inevitably in the United States we will come out and they have a stronger economy. Most of your assets will be appreciated within the few years of a stronger economy. You will be able to charge higher rents especially if you are doing upgrades on your amenities. When times are good people are spending more and it deserves a higher price. This makes your asset appreciate due to the higher rent or cost of property. 


When to Buy real Estate

Furthermore, buying an asset, especially a real estate asset in the time of crisis may seem scary. This is because you may not want to deploy your money or spend any money. Many people start hoarding their cash or hiding it away. This loses value. With money being so cheap right now it is smart to try to invest into something that will pay you. Getting a loan is not hard right now and actually you can get very good interest rates. When interest rates are low the return on your ass that will be typically higher. This is because you’re not paying out as much interest through the life of property. Even if you have never done any type of real estate investing, The Office Advisors can help.


Likewise even if you are the most seasoned of investors The Office Advisors are here to help as well. If you have never had representation when buying commercial property you feel that you’ve had a mistake. Talk to any season professional in commercial real estate investing and they will tell you the benefits of having representation. They know not to search Zillow for commercial real estate listings. also they know the time and money that I saved them in the long run. you should check out our website at www.theofficeadvisors.com to learn more. 


Searching in the right places

Now if you are searching Zillow for commercial real estate listings you will quickly realize that this was a folly. You were probably a first-time investor as well. Or maybe you were just a curious Soul trying to find other avenues to make money in a time of Crisis. You are obviously one of the Smart Ones. You see that there’s an opportunity when others panic. We at The Office Advisors can help you navigate this time of Crisis. We are here to help you with all your commercial real estate needs no matter what else is going on in the world.


Along with using the latest technology and most up-to-date software to search for commercial real estate needs. The Office Advisors will help you know and understand the market and the risks that go into investing into commercial real estate assets. We love helping our clients and you will quickly realize this when you start working with one of our brokers. All of our Brokers take a caring approach with each claim as if the asset or the property was their own. we will never Market a Zillow commercial real estate listings unless this changes to be beneficial.


However, whatever the customer wants we will do in order to get their property in front of the right people. In the long run if this proves that we must use Zillow for commercial real estate listings then we will. Our brokers will use whatever technology will help get the asset in front of the right buyer for users of the commercial real estate space.


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 The Office Advisors are here to help with any of your commercial real estate needs. We use the best technology and all of the most up-to-date sites in order to get your commercial real estate in front of the right person. Zillow for commercial real estate listings is never a choice of ours. We will however do whatever it takes to get your property sold or leased. There’s no time to hesitate in the time of Crisis so begin the conversation today. Just visit our website and fill out the form on the right and one of our Brokers will be in contact with you. 

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