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 Have you started your search for commercial real estate yet? Maybe you have typed in something in Google like Zillow commercial real estate listings. Then you may have come across other websites. We can help you find whatever type of commercial real estate you were trying to put. The Office Advisors is a commercial brokerage and we specialize in helping people find any type of commercial property. What you need to do is visit our website at www.theofficeadvisors.com. To begin your property search fill out the form on the right hand side of our page.(404) 594-3028. 


Now you may have never worked with a commercial broker before and that’s okay. We at The Office Advisors and explain why it is beneficial to have a brother. Did you know that Zillow doesn’t even hold commercial property?if you were looking for Zillow commercial real estate listings and you are not on the right website. Zillow is a residential only Real Estate website. you might be able to find random properties that are available to rent out. This does not typically mean that they are commercial real estate listings. Single family homes are considered residential property even if you owe them for a profit. 

Industry Knowledge

These are some of the things that you can learn when working with our energetic Brokers for agents. You should visit our website at theofficeadvisors.com.You can click on the our team app at the top of our homepage. You can read about why we were founded and more about the individuals that work for us. On the team tab on our website. You can see that we are locals here in the Atlanta area. This gives us the advantage of understanding the market and seeing how it has grown throughout the years. We have relationships with men from other Industries this puts you at an advantage.  searching for Zillow commercial real estate listings will not get you the property that you need.


The right Broker

Now if you work with the trained professionals at The Office Advisors you can quickly find out that Zillow commercial real estate listings are no use. This is because they are very few and far between that slip on the website. The Brokers at The Office Advisors use the latest and greatest technology to find the right property for you. You might not even be an investor or a seller of commercial real estate. This is why you were searching for property on the wrong website. We can help be the guiding hand in your commercial real estate Journey.


If you have a property to sell I would suggest you do not use Zillow. trying to post a Zillow commercial real estate listing is like trying to post a for sale sign in a black cave. there is no point to it, and no one will see it. You must have your commercial property for sale on the right website. we use the most up-to-date in forward facing website in technology to get your commercial property out there. The office advisers were founded on the principle of using technology in order to advance commercial real estate. 


The Correct and Website

Furthermore, we use costar.com and loopnet.com as many other services to get the commercial real estate listing out in the world. You might not be aware of all these websites but that does not make them less important. The purpose is to get industry websites in your commercial real estate listing in front of Industry professionals. Putting a Zillow commercial real estate listing out there is of no use. Due to the fact that many real estate buyers, especially commercial real estate buyers, have a broker. So shouldn’t you have a broker too. The Office Advisors can help you post your commercial real estate listings to the correct websites and get it in front of the right people. We can help bring buyers to you in order to get your commercial property sold.


Moreover, there are many different types of commercial real estate listings. There are many types of commercial buildings. you might not be aware of the fact that there are many ways to invest in commercial real estate. There are many different ways to find commercial real estate. You might not have known that a Zillow commercial real estate listing is pointless. People that understand the different types of asset class in commercial real estate investing. Will never be looking for property on Zillow.


Different Assets

Some of the types of different commercial assets include medical and office. You might be saying to yourself that sounds like the same type of commercial real estate asset. This is not true however. They are both buildings and have office type layouts even though some of the medical might be slightly different. The cost associated with running both of these buildings are typically different. The cost of running a medical office building is higher due to the fact of the build-outs. The office building might be slightly less because it can simply be laid out. The individuals that understand the different types of assets will never have a Zillow commercial real estate listing. 


About Us

 You might not be aware that The Office Advisors comes from a partnership of another brokerage. Our father brokerage is called Sellect Realty. Sellect Realty was founded by a veteran and a woman. We also are multilingual. So this is great for the Atlanta area. With Atlanta being such a multinational Transit City we must adapt to all types of individuals. The Office Advisors were founded because of the need to push technology in the commercial real estate field. We felt that clients were lacking in experience because of this. We wanted to bring the future to commercial real estate by providing a customer-facing process.


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Also If you want to learn more about any type of commercial real estate contact us now. Brokers are all licensed in the state of Georgia. They are experienced and professional and you will not be disappointed with working with him. So if you have any type of listing do not try to do a Zillow commercial real estate listing. Let us take the property and help you get it for the right buyers. Our marketing Will Not Waste Your property’s time. We will put it on the correct websites and get in front of the correct people to get it sold. (404) 594-3028.