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The lease aspect of real estate can be hard to navigate. There are many pitfalls that you may not have been aware of. We at The Office Advisors are here to help with all of your leasing needs. Current conditions in the economic climate might mean businesses are having to get creative when it comes to their space use. When the economy takes a downturn generally so does the amount of office space needed. We can help you with the unused space that you are still responsible for. Did you know that we can advertise sublease office space for you?

Now we understand that there are many other brokers out there. They will not take the time and care as much as you do about your space. We can assure you that we are personally involved with our clients so we can understand the struggles of having to get rid of unused space. Many of our clients will either shut down their operations or not need all of their current office space. This creates a need for them. That need is to sublease office space. 

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Having this type of need is where we come in. If you go to our website on the world wide web you can easily find all of our different service offerings. When you need to sublease office space we are just a few clicks away. Visit our homepage on the internet.. You should take the time to look around and see why our clients love us. If you are ready to start the process all you need to do is fill out the form. One of the brokers will then contact you. To help with the sublease office space.

Furthermore we do not charge an arm and a leg for advertising the sublease office space. Many other brokers will charge their normal fee to offer the listing service. We understand that in these trying times we all need a hand. We will work with you to come to a solution that best fits your needs as a business. Understanding that the market is going to be full of sublease. The team of us and you will work through a strategy plan in order to put your property at the top of the list for prospective clients. 


Market Rates

First, we will take a look at the market rates in your area. This means we do not only look at current subleases being advertised. The whole picture of rental rates for sublease office space is important. Together with you and your team we decide what is a rate that will make sense. Being competitive is key. We all have to understand that there might have to be aloss for some of our clients. This is due to many other properties being advertised. The rate has to be competitive in order to lease up the space. Besides rates we take into account how many other companies are advertising. 


Now,The Office Advisors always stands at the front of technology. We understand that the world we live in is digital. Everything we do from grocery shopping to ordering car parts is now done online. Looking to sublease office space is no different. You may have seen this trend in other real estate categories. Residential is big in the online space. However commercial real estate is slow to move on technology. This is why we are different. With most listings we offer a 3D walk through of the property. This can give people the feel of being there without wasting their time and driving all over. This cuts down on time, which is a money saver for all sides.


What you need to know

There are a few things that come up before a sublease office space can be done. Your landlord first has to approve of you doing this. What you need to know is that not all landlords will allow you to sublease office space. They might want you to pay what you would owe on the term of the original lease. This can be very expensive especially if there are a lot of years left on the term. Many businesses that need to sublease have been closed and therefore do not have the amount of funds needed to pay off this debt. The landlord might not let you make money off the sublease. 


In fact the landlord might only allow you to charge the amount to cover what you owe. Sometimes they want to force you to charge even less than what you owe. Unfortunately this might have to be the case in the current market regardless of what the landlord will allow. With the amounts  advertised of sublease office space that will be coming to the market you will probably end up losing money on the lease. This is why we take your side in order to get the most money back in your pocket.

Now, with the current health crisis going on in our world we stay committed. Our commitment is to always be providing the best possible service to our clients and the public. The use of our technology allows us to work even when no one else is. Having the 3D walkthrough is imperative to market the sublease office space. I know I do not have to explain why. The quarantine has people and business staying apart. The internet allows us to stay in touch. We will advertise your property in order to get it in front of the right user for the space.


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The Office Advisors are to represent our clients in any of their commercial real estate needs. We understand that if you have to sublease office space you need help. We will do everything in our power to get the job done for you. Check out our services tab to learn more on how our brokers can help you and your business. No time to waste when the world is sitting idle. Make the right moves for your business today.