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There are a few different types of leasing options in the commercial real estate arena. Here at  The Office Advisors we can help with any of your leasing needs. If you are a tenant of a commercial building we can help you negotiate your lease or sublease. No company wants to take on the task of having to sublease their office space. We are here to take the time consuming burden off your hands.  


Now, what you need to do is go to our website and fill out the form on the right hand side of our homepage. When you fill out the form let us know that you need help with your sublease. One of our expert brokers will then reach out to you. You will quickly find out why our clients rate us so high on Google. They love working with us! When you speak with our brokers on the phone you can feel the passion they have for helping business with their real estate needs. The passion we have for helping clients with their sublease is no different then selling an office building. We love helping our clients no matter how big or small the property.


Furthermore, our team of real estate professionals and the industries we work with bring passion. When building a team around a project it is important that all parties involved are on the same page. When we partner with other professionals in the field we vet them to make sure they bring the fire just like us. Having a business is a passion. We understand that you as a business owner have put a lot of time and money into creating this. Now, all of us working together can bring your vision into reality.


Building team around your needs is what we can offer outside of our specialty. The fact of the matter is that a lease and sublease are major decisions. They are also legally binding contracts that parties have to uphold their end of the contract and this can include a costly financial burden. A sublease is designed to take on some or all of that burden in many cases. Secondly tho it can be a way to make money.


Make money off a sublease.

Not all landlords are going to allow you to make money when subleasing their space. This is because they are supposed to be making money off you as the original tenant. When you signed the lease if you did not tell them up front that you intended to sublease some or all of the space they can take you to court. The landlord can also evict you from the building. 


However, if the plan all along was for you to sublease the space to other people the landlord would be ok about this. Some examples of this is a therapist practice. What we have seen done with past clients is a model that all offices are subleases. There is typically one therapist on the master lease. They might have a large footprint in the building with 10 or more offices. They then bring another therapist in to work in the office. Now, each therapist then leases an office from the main therapist. They then sublease this space. The cost of operating a large office space is now split up. 


Secondly, that same therapist on top of the rent from the sublease can charge a fee. This fee is to be associated with the firm. Their fee can also be used to offset other costs associated with the office. Printing supplies, paying for a front desk receptionist or coffee. Many large successful service businesses use this model. They are a good way to take the cost of renting a lrge or even small space. The thing you need to know is that not all landlords will allow this type of lease structure. 


If you have not gone on our website on the world wide web, then go now. You should read on all the commercial real estate services we offer. We represent tenants as well as landlords. The Office Advisors are here to build a team for you. This team is not only employees of our company, but also other industry professionals. Having a team built around your needs is imperative to success. A sublease is no different than any of our other real estate marketing.


Now, Marketing is key to a sublease. That is why we always are looking to new technology to help market your property. A sublease is typically more pressing for those involved. This is because not only the landlord wants someone paying in the space. Also the business that needs the vacant space filled. All of these parties need money flowing through. With the technology we use and smart rate offerings we get your sublease to the top. Having the most attractive and well marketed sublease is what can save time and money.


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Most importantly of all you need to contact us at our website The action of reaching out to us is what can start your sublease opportunity. At the bottom of our homepage can convince you that we are a blast to work with. I am sure you will find out that we are here to protect your business interest and wallet. We never over charge and strive to create the best service in commercial real estate. So if you need help listing a sublease or are looking for one, contact us today.