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restaurant space for lease | what you need to know

If you were searching for any restaurant space for lease in the Atlanta area then you need to start with The Office Advisors. With the current market conditions that we are facing with Covid- 19. Restaurants are struggling. They are having to adapt with the current market conditions due to closures of almost all major cities in the United States. Are you currently stuck in a lease? Do you have a restaurant space for lease? Then you need proper representation to either list or take possession of any type of restaurant space for lease.(404) 594-3028. 

Now, we have Brokers that are experienced in helping anybody with any type of restaurant space for lease. What we are saying with the current market conditions is a shift. The restaurants are having to adapt. They now do take out or deliver options only. When this passes over, all the restaurant space for lease in the market will probably be up for sublease. There will not be many restaurants who can survive this massive consumer and Industry shift. How are restaurants going to be prepared as a restaurant owner to handle the adapting Market?

Needs for a space

When you contact The Office Advisors we will set you up with the broker for any of your needs. Are you trying to lease restaurant space? Then we have a broker that can help you find, locate , negotiate and ultimately have you move into your new space. What you might want to think about is how you can stay relevant in the current times. Many restaurants are going for a much smaller seating area. Also doing delivery or take out as their main model. On another note, some  began to search for restaurant space for lease. Then realized with covid-19 that maybe a large seating space might not be the best idea.


Adapting to the Current Market

Furthermore, many of our clients that had a normal model when starting to look for restaurant space for lease and now changed their business plan. What they are moving towards is a more fast casual dining experience where patrons can come in or take out the food. They are still thinking about serving alcohol because of the laws that have been lifted to allow alcohol for delivery in the city of Atlanta. Allowing alcohol for delivery is going to be able to help some restaurants stay afloat and pay for the restaurant space for lease.

Now the first thing that you need to do is visit our website at  From here click the why representation tab.. This is there two inform the public about why it is a good idea to have an industry professional. For whenever you are looking for restaurant space for lease. Having an industry professional  in your corner will help protect your needs. Also help you navigate  these times of uncertainty. If you have never looked for restaurant space for lease before than I’m sure you have started on Google. When searching around the internet you will come across other websites such as and These are the premier commercial real estate listing services. Inevitably you will find out is that you are not able to gain all the information available.

How to Start

Moreover, having a professional in your corner will save you time and money in the long run.  Brokers are there to help guide you through any of your leasing, purchasing or selling commercial real estate. Whenever you are looking for restaurant space for lease it can be a confusing and arduous journey. Our Brokers are there with energy and information to help ease your fears. Being a helping hand through the journey. You should never sign a commercial lease without having proper representation look at it. This is because there are a lot of clauses that can cost a restaurant owner a lot of money. If you are responsible for paying for a restaurant space for lease. Understand that you will be liable in case anything happens.  This is why we will build a team of professionals around you. In order to have your business set up for Success at the start.


Have Someone in your Corner

The Office Advisors are a team of professionals with licenses in real estate and experience in restaurant space for lease, office Leasing, investment sales acquisitions. We also have relationships with many other industry professionals that help our business is set up for Success from the onset. building a team is necessary when trying to find a restaurant space for lease. We know that there’s a lot of heart that is going into your restaurant. This is why we put a lot of heart behind what we do. When you are online you should check out our website and click on our team or team building.  team building is very essential to any type of success no one is successful by going at it alone. We believe it is always necessary to build a successful team for our clients.

Lastly, it is  imperative that you are set up for success before your search for restaurant space for lease. Many landlords will not even allow you to come look at this face unless you have your financials ready and a clear business plan. The landlord wants to make sure that you were set up for success from the beginning. This is because they rely on your rent as income. The landlord does not want to have a restaurant space for a lease vacant., He also do not want to go through high turnover. This cost a lot of time and money that is unnecessary. Unnecessary if a restaurant was properly vetted at the beginning.


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Ready to search for restaurant space for lease then wait no longer. Visit us on our home page. From there on the right hand side of the page fill out the form. One of our trusted advisors / Brokers will contact you to begin your journey. We will take the time in order to understand your needs and business model. So that we can  help you find the correct space for you. We at The Office Advisors take pride in the businesses that we serve. This is why we take time to go through the necessary questions and process upfront. In orders to ensure success for you. So do not hesitate any further! Visit our website and reach out to us today!  Lets start your journey for searching for restaurant space for lease.

Our Family 

A little known fact about The Office Advisors is that we are actually a division of another brokerage called Sellect Realty. Sellect Realty brokerage is actually veteran founded and female founded.  they exist in the residential real estate world. If you are multilingual we can assist with that as well. so whatever you real estate needs feel free to reach out to either of us. (404) 594-3028.