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The Office Advisors has commercial real estate experts on hand to help you with all your commercial real estate needs. We offer services from tenant representation, listing and marketing services to investor buyer side representation. Listing services also include office sublease listing and investment properties as well. We use the most advanced technology to help sell or find your right commercial real estate property. Did you know that we also have the best qualified and energetic brokers to work with.(404) 594-3028. 


If you go to our website and scroll down you can see reviews from our clients on why they love working with The Office Advisors. The past client reviews will certainly wow you. We believe that commercial real estate needs to be brought into the future. All of our brokers believe that we are the ones to do it. You will feel the excitement from the time you speak with any of our Brokes.


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Now the current Atlanta real estate leasing market we are starting to see a slight trend. That trend is an uptick in the amount of office sublease calls we have received. Past and new clients alike are interested in finding out more about this option with their office space. The thought behind why this trend has started to emerge is sadly due to the corona-virus outbreak we believe. The effect on many businesses have been felt immediately by what some are calling a pandemic. 


Consequently the pandemic outbreak world wide is affecting many different businesses. We have seen in the Atlanta market a large restaurant group close. The fact that they closed their entire business and not just one location shows seriously this Chinese virus has affected our economy. The impact has made smart people like you reach out to The Office Advisors for help with their respective business real estate strategies. These new times call for quick decisive moments and smart real estate practices. This is why many businesses trust us with their needs.



You might have been calling or filling out the form on our homepage about what is your business strategy. Your business strategy at this moment might be about your need for help with an office sublease. Fear not ,because The Office Advisors can help you in all of your commercial real estate strategies, even an office sublease.


Furthermore in times of need for a business an office sublease is a great option to relive some of the financial obligation. Unused space can be sublet out to offset some or in few cases all of the rent a business is responsible for. Using the leasing strategy of an office sublease can be a smart move for a business. I am sure that you would like to monetize some of your unused space. Just visit our website to learn more on how we can assist you. 


Representation in an Office Sublease

Having representation in an office sublease real estate situation is imperative to success. The smart thing to do is have an industry professional on your side to help protect your interest. This is because you want the best deal possible for your business. The landlord and possibly the new subletting tenant have a broker on their side. It is only smart that you have someone who is familiar with the industry assisting and marketing your office sublease.


The most important thing in many office sublease situations is time. I am sure you understand the fact that time is money. What we are currently seeing in the Atlanta real estate market is many office tenants are realizing that they no longer need their leased space. This can be for a multitude of reasons of course.  Importantly though what we are hearing is that large office space users are finding out that they can be efficient with a lot of less space. This is because of technology of course. With the outbreak of the viruses many businesses have sent employees home.


Now, what this has meant for the office market is that these large companies are realizing that they no longer need so much space. They have realized that the large square footage they have been paying for for years is a waste of money. Then the advent of multiple employees if not all working homes has changed. The reason for this is many advances like video conferencing. What this means is that many companies now want the option of an on office sublease. The strategy to get some of the financial loss back on the books. We here can help with advertising your office sublease.



Furthermore, the office market in Atlanta is still hot. Do not let the thought of a business having their office up for sublease be a bad sign. This happens a lot due to the fact many businesses fail. There is always a need for an office sublease in the market. What we suggest to our investor clients is buy. This is because there is a saying, “When Sheep panic, wolves make moves.” This means that when the masses panice it is time to be smart. Translated for commercial real estate that means buy assets.


If the panic continues and the market heads for a recession then we will most likely have a price drop. We have many smart investors that make purchases in these types of times. The smart investors believe that the market will increase. That is when the value of an asset increases. The money is made on these assets that were bought in bad times much more valuable. At the good times is when they sell these appreciated assets. They love selling and bet on a market upswing at some point. 


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The need to have your office sublet is something that you as a business owner shouldn’t waste your time with. We can help you get back your time and financial loss by taking on this task. The time goes back to you. Just a few clicks and you can be on your way have your office subleased taken care of. (404) 594-3028.