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The current conditions in business have made many businesses look for alternatives with their real estate. That is why we have calls every week about the possibility of an office sublease. The Office Advisors are here to help any business no matter the size with any of their real estate needs. You need to go straight to the world wide web and visit (404) 594-3028. 


Now, you need to look to your right on the homepage. I am sure you can see our blue form. If you already know that you are here to get started on an office sublease then begin filling it out. Click on the drop down tab of “reason for visit” you can then choose the sublease option. Continue to fill out the rest of the form so we can contact you to start on your real estate journey.

Our Website

Since you are on our website at this point take a look around. You can read on the reasons why many clients have trusted The Office Advisors. We take pride in our service and our clients feel this. We want to be your advisor through all of your real estate needs. This requires your trust of course. We start by building reports through our initial contact with our clients. Our brokers take the time with each client to understand their needs as a business and personally.


Furthermore, we are in this with you. We do not get paid until a deal is done. So you know that we want to make sure everything on your end is buttoned up to make a deal as smooth as possible. This can be very important in an office sublease situation. There are many different parties that have to sign off before a deal is completed. Understanding the needs and desires of our clients helps us navigate this together. You and your broker will work together to gather everything at the beginning so when it comes to vetting a potential sublessor we are ready.


Information up front

Gathering all the information up front prevents possible problems in the long run. I do not have to tell any business owner this of course. We all understand that having as much information at the start is one of the most beneficial and necessary items for success. Our brokers will not only have contact with you the original tenant. We will also be in contact with your landlord or management company to insure an easy office sublease situation.


Now, if you are a business looking to utilize unneeded off space give us a call for a free evaluation. Many business owners do not know they have the option for an office sublease in their current space. What we hear the most is that they thought they could not do this. That maybe they were not allowed to because in their original lease it said they could not. Overcoming your landlord’s objection to your office sublease is something we can help with. The broker assigned to you will contact your landlord directly. We almost always get a landlord to see the benefits of allowing you as a tenant doing an office sublease.


Profit from the situation

The broker explains to them why it is better to get a paying tenant in as fast as possible. For you we can help ease the financial burden of having to pay for unused office space. Moreover, in some circumstances the original tenant is allowed to profit from the situation. But, this is not always the case. Many landlords will allow you to do an office sublease to make profit. Unless of course this was part of your original business. This is why representation is very important in real estate transactions.


Now, the landlord might want some of the profit in many cases. When you have an office sublease the owner of the building might feel cheated. He might see that you are trying to undercut charge more just because. What we typically see when a tenant has to do an office sublease they charge at or under their current rate. However, the landlord might allow the tenant to charge more than their rate. This can be because the market rate has gone up in an area. This makes a space more desirable. Thus can justify an increased rate. The landlord will usually want a portion of the profit from this office sublease.

financial liability

Do not look at unused space as a financial liability if you do not have to. There are many ways to list an office sublease. The Office Advisors are the best at it. You may have started your initial search of office sublease listings on or maybe The premier is and The information is only good as the broker who uploaded it to the sight. We ensure that your office sublease listing will stand out of the crowd. We take professional photography. Also we do 3d tours of properties. You will find out very quickly that The Office Advisors have the best office listing on the internet.


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We can help with your office sublease or any other real estate needs. Wait no longer for any commercial real estate needs. The first step to reliving your real estate stress is to contact The Office Advisors. Our brokers are trusted and professional. All of our energetic Advisors are licensed in the state of Georgia. We are always striving to be the best. That is why we are all constantly taking continuing education courses. Education is key and our leadership believes you can never stop being educated in any field.

We are a division of Sellect realty in Marietta, Georgia. If you have residential real estate needs then  you can check out their website at Sellect Realty. We are veteran and women owned real estate brokerage. If you have any questions regarding the purchase or sale of a home contact them. They also have a flat fee brokerage service. Investment services to help any level of investor as well as multilingual staff. Atlanta is a very diverse city and so is our staff. We can help people of all languages.(404) 594-3028.