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The top brokers in the Atlanta market for leasing office space is The Office Advisors. If you have not heard that we help clients in all different types of business find office space for rent. The first thing you need to do is go to your phone, tablet or computer and visit our home page. You can read about our energetic brokers that love helping businesses find the right office space for rent. When you are on the homepage you can fill out the form on the right side of the screen. We will then contact you to help with whatever your real estate needs are.

Now if you have never heard of us there are two things you should do. If you are on our website just scroll down on the main page. There will be reviews from clients just like you. We strive to provide the highest quality service to all of our clientele. We will help your business now matter how large or small find the right office space for rent for you. I am  sure you will be wowed by our client reviews. (404) 594-3028. 


Always Representation

Secondly if you have never worked with us before or any broker before. On our website you can read on why representation is important. We have a tab dedicated to this for many reasons. The Office Advisors believes that even if you do not choose to work with us, you should always have representation. Signing a lease is a costly and legally binding document. As a business owner you should never enter into this lightly. Unfortunately many owners do. We see how things can end up badly for these business owners. Many times they ended up being liable for issues with the property that they never thought was their responsibility. We are there to help protect your side of the transaction when finding the right office space for rent.

Moreover the landlord has a broker representing his interest in the building. When the building is advertising office space for rent, the landlord is not doing this work. The landlord has hired a broker to do all of this work. He or she is a real estate professional that is there to market the office space for rent. Pretty pictures are not the only thing that goes into marketing vacant space. A broker takes time to understand the market so the property will be advertised with market rates. The broker is a buffer between tenants and landlords. The landlord’s brokers job is to get as much money as possible. That means that they are not looking out for your financial interest. Shouldn’t you have someone in your corner protecting yours?


Lanldlord is a Business

Now, a landlord exists as a business. The money that a building owner makes off renters is his business. Having a building with office space for rent is not a business for the faint of heart. It can be a very costly business to be in. They have mortgage payment on the buildings they own just like you might on a house. The money they make on filling their office space for rent is how they pay down the debt. They also pay for additions to buildings. As well as any upgrades or repairs that might be needed. The landlord has representation. I am sure you are thinking that you should have representation too. 

How to find office space

In addition to looking out for your wallet on the cost of rent we help you find the office space. I am sure you have begun your search on Google or craigslist. You may have even though you have found the right office space for rent, only to find out it was a scam or was not available. This can be very frustrating and in many cases you have to start your search all over again. We understand how time consuming this can be. You as a business owner needs to be doing what you do best. Run your business! 

Now, we help compile all the properties that are a potential for you. All of our brokers have access to the most up to date software. This software is also industry specific and not available for the general public. This means that you are losing out on many properties by going at it alone. Searching through all of the available properties to find the right office space for you is what we do. The main listing websites for commercial real estate is not available to everyone. You might have run into this when doing a search on your own. Sometimes the adds on less reputable sites are scams or subleases that the tenant vacating does not have permission to lease.

Site Lists

The site list we compile is unique to each company’s needs. Before we start the process of looking for office space for rent. Our Advisors will sit down with you or your decision team to go through a needs assessment. This is so we can come up with a plan to execute on to ensure we are all working efficiently as possible. We then gather all of the potential sites and will send you a narrowed down site list for you to look through. After you have looked through and identified potential offices we then verify the information is accurate. The problem about office listing is they are only as accurate and good as the person uploading them. 


Now, the tours begin and we will walk with you and the other broker through these sites. We try to keep our tours below five locations at a time. This minimizes confusion and information overload. We have fun with our clients on tours. You can generally start to feel excitement when looking for your next office space for rent.


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If you are looking for the right office space for rent, visit us today online. You can fill out the form on our homepage and we will reach out from there. The journey begins when you contact us, so do not waste any more time.(404) 594-3028.