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Office space for rent near me 

How do you search for a business or service? Can you search for office space near me? If I had to guess you would go to Google or whatever search engine you use first. Then you might type the type of service, food or good you are looking for. Typically the next step if you are not familiar with the location is to add the phrase near me. This holds true when people search for “office space for rent near me.” Does this sound familiar to you?

We as humans like convenience. This is no different then when you are searching for a place to operate your business. Many business owners are wanting a very short commute. In the Atlanta area that means being right outside your neighborhood. IF you have ever driven in rush hour traffic you understand. Inherently an owner or the chosen staffer searching is going to want to be close to their home or current place of business. That is why the phrase near me holds weight. The searcher wants to find that location where they can find office space for rent near me.


Proximity is Key

What do I mean by proximity is key? Your business might want to be in close proximity to like businesses so they can refer each other and make it easy to get back and forth for clients or employees. A business’s employees might all live outside the central location. Therefore close proximity to major roads or highways can be a determining factor when locating your next space.


How can this help me locate my office

Whether you are looking for a new office or looking for your second location. The term office space for rent near me can be powerful. I have had clients out on tours driving around the city of Atlanta. We thought they liked a certain location of town but after visiting it they changed their mind. I would take them to a new location and as we were driving I would ask Google to search office space near me. From there we were able to see a few available listings in the immediate area.



There are drawbacks to using this approach when trying to locate office space to lease, or any commercial real estate. The truth is the nature of this industry is tight lip and close to the pocket. The companies that own the data on listing availability or as we are talking about “Office space to rent near me.”Typically do not give out this information for free. There is a paywall that is for commercial real estate professionals only. What you might see on google is the smallest fraction of what is available to lease or buy on the market.


Benefits to using Google 

A benefit of using Google to search with the terms office space near me is it can give you a general idea. You can get a quick snapshot of the market to understand that maybe this is or isn’t the area you want to be in. Furthermore it might give you the searcher even more frustration of not being able to find what you need. This in many cases may lead to you or your business partner realizing you need help in finding your next office space to rent.


We Can Help!

The Office Advisors is here to help and make it as stress free as possible. We do not care if the office space for rent is near me or near you. Our Brokers can find the ideal location for your business to succeed. We have industry knowledge and tools. How does that sound to you? Great, right? We can take the time consuming and frustrating task of locating the right office for you. To start your office journey is just a click away at our website. To learn about what we offer by visiting our services tab. Or calling 404-661-2137