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Trying to find the right location for your business can be challenging. The Office Advisors are here with professional Brokers to assist in all your real estate needs.  When surfing the world wide web you probably start looking for properties on This is a very common website that brokers use as well. However, I am sure if you are trying to stay in the same location as  you are currently operating out of you have looked in the same complex. Most likely you searched the term office space for rent near me.(404) 594-3028. 


Now, this is a very common phrase to use in google. We can all assume because the business owner wants to be close to their general location. Weather that means a short commute from home or being in close proximity to another branch. Our brokers understand that owners want an office space for rent near me at all costs.

The professionals at The Office Advisors will take the time to make sure we help you find the right space. Furthermore, we take pride in the businesses we help. Many companies started working with us by finding us on Google. Like you they typed in the search bar office space for rent near me. Typically they find us on our Google business map page.


Real Estate Services

Now, the first thing our clients typically  notice is our stellar reviews. These reviews come from real clients. We have not only helped them they searched office space for rent near me, but many others as well. You might not be aware of all of our real estate services. From, here you should go to our services tab on the website. Specializing in commercial leasing and investment property marketing. Our brokers also represent investment buyer clients on property that is not listed with us. 


Moreover, we will do whatever we can to give the highest quality of service. Not all commercial real estate brokerages are created equal. This might have become apparent to you when searching office space for rent near me. You might have looked through a few other commercial brokers websites until you found us. Surely you could tell we were different from the time you landed on our home page. We do not act like a traditional brokerage. We try and streamline the commercial real estate process for all aspects. The Office Advisors saw a need to push new technologies and processes. This is why we were created.


Do not Worry

Now, when you come to our website from being frustrated. Most likely after trying in vain to find office space for rent near me. Why is it so difficult you might have asked yourself. Or you might have tried to find some through and found out it was a scam. Do not worry about this. Many businesses do not know that our service exists. They are unaware that having representation is free.


Having a tenant rep.  Broker on your side is very beneficial. You might have wondered how do you even find office space near me. The fact of the matter is that many of the available space is industry protected. Paywall sites are what I am sure you and many have run into. The beautiful thing about working with The Office Advisors is that we have access to all these sites. We can help you find the right office space. Did you know that we can also educate you on the market rents. This can save you from overpaying on your rent. Having a broker is someone that protects your interests. The great thing about working with is that it comes at no cost to the tenant.


Protect your interests

Having someone protect your interests is vital in real estate. The greatest part is that we are free for you the tenant. The time consuming task of trying to find office space for rent near me is now lifted. Secondly, we can show you all the properties on the market that were not previously available to view. This can be frustrating for some business owners because they think they will lose money. Working with a broker will not make you lose money by doing it yourself. We are there to free your time. The time that is best well suited to making money. Not looking for real estate. Now you can do what you do best and work on your business. 


Just remember whenever you want to expand or find your first office we can help. Simply looking for a quick commute or office space for rent near me is not enough. To be successful a business needs team members. We are just another member of your team. Our brokers are here to help you in any of your real estate endeavors. The brokers will also add to your team to ensure your success. All of us are fighting to make sure our clients get the best deal for their lease or purchase. Our team becomes your team.


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You should never waste a moment when it comes to business. Every opportunity needs to be taken advantage of. Your real estate dealings should be no different. You can spend days surfing around the internet trying to find office space for rent near me. This will.never get you to the right office location. First thing you need to do is go to our website at Then you need to fill out the form on the right hand side of the screen. Your journey to a new space begins here. Our brokers will then reach out for your assessment. The assessment takes in your needs and let’s you know about us. There is no obligation to work with us. Do not waste anymore time trying to find office space on your own. Let us advise you today.(404) 594-3028.