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If you want to be able to get in touch with the best possible medical office space for rent or sell broker. Then you need to look no further than The Office Advisors, we are a team of experienced and commercial real estate loving brokers. You do not want to waste any time when starting your search for your next medical practice location. The best part about working with us is that we are not out of pocket cost to the tenant.(404) 594-3028. The Medical Experts you need. Medical Office Space for rent. 


The best part about being able to work with our team of brokers for no cost is they save you money. Now how can this be true you might be asking yourself. We as brokers are there to protect your interest as a business and client. Brokers help navigate the Letter of intent process so your business can get the best possible outcome. We are there to help in all of the medical office space for rent needs.


Now if you have never worked with The Office Advisors while searching for medical office space for rent you need to complete step one. Step one is going right over tho the world wide web and visiting our website at From there you can fill out our form on the main page. This will alert one of our Advisors and they can contact you to set up a free consultation. They can tell you why we would be the best fit and help assess your business needs for your new location.

Our Team

Another thing you will be able to find on our website is about our team and founders. You will understand by reading about our leadership and our founding members a lot. When going through the story of our team and founders we are confident you will want to work with us when looking for medical office space for rent. This holds even more true ,because the Atlanta market has many sub markets inside and directly outside the center of the city. We have native Georgians and Atalantians. This puts you at an advantage when trying to locate an ideal location to open your practice. 


 We can help 

With the help of The Office Advisors you will have access to incredible resources that you would not have alone. One of these resources that is available is property searches that are not available to the consumer. These are typically websites such as Costar and Loopnet. Furthermore when working with The Office Advisors you will have access to free industry knowledge from our licensed and experienced brokers. 

Equally important to having representation is time freedom. The brokers here can free you up when you try to find medical office space for rent on your own. You will be able to find out quickly how frustrating and time consuming searching for your next location is. The time sucking task does not end with just looking for a medical office space to rent. The process of writing up documents and offering letters. You as a doctor or practice owner do not have the time to do these menial tasks. 

When you visit our website or call our phone number you will be put in contact with a broker. This broker can answer your questions on the process. They can also help you understand some of the cost of what goes into having a medical office space for rent. You will quickly understand that you will want to have us on your team.


Also when you are searching around the world wide web and you come across other tenant representation brokerage. You might find that they are not as easy to get into contact with. Many times these other brokerage websites are clunky and there is way too much industry specific jargon on their website. As by design our website and contact page are easy to find and use. You will find that when logging on to our page we try to make it simple. Business owners are busy trying to run their business or medical practice. We do not want to waste any more of your precious time. 


Now, one thing that you will notice about our website is that we do not clutter it up. We want to make it as simple and easy to navigate as possible. This is the same approach we try to take when searching for medical office space to rent. We have our step by step process. This process is to try and make the deal as predictable as possible. As you know that every surgery or patient is different. We as medical office brokers know that every deal is different. This is because every medical practice is different Just as every landlord we come across is different. 


The reason for having a process to make it as stress free on you as our client. The Office Advisors want to create quality at every step of the sometimes scary process of leasing space. A lot of money goes into a medical practice and we do understand this. You will see why we have an upfront consultation to assess your need. We want to make sure that you have no major surprises when try to find the right medical office space for rent for you.


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How to reach us

You can always reach The Office advisors at our website. or by calling us at 404-661-2137. When you are ready to begin or have any questions you can fill out a form. Then you will receive an email and a phone call from one of our trusted advisors. They will be able to help you on your journey. So do not hesitate to get into contact with us today.(404) 594-3028

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