Medical office space for rent – A Overview 

Each type of office space has its unique needs and challenges. If you are a physician looking for medical office space for rent you understand the challenge. The Office Advisors understands your frustration when looking for your first or next location. Practicing medicine takes a lot of time and can be stressful. Looking for real estate should not be something that the doctor should be undertaking while trying to grow their practice. We take the task off your shoulders so the doctor can treat patients and continue their duties.


Specializing in Medical Office

Did you know that The Office Advisors not only does general office leasing, but we have a specialty in working with doctors. We help doctors and owners locate their next medical office space for rent in all the Georgia markets. Working with brokers and landlords in the specialized real estate space helps us gain an advantage. The advantage is we have knowledge that many other brokers would not when it comes to finding the right medical office space for rent.

Why is Medical different?

Office Layout similarities

Medical office space is different than general office not only generally in cost per square foot, but also in build-out needs. A general office user might require a similar layout as a doctors office. Think about it. A normal office has a front desk to check in and out and hallways with offices. In terms of size and scope these are generally the same as an exam room. Not always 

Construction Cost

You may be thinking that when a medical office for rent is built out why is it so expensive. Medical users have different regulations that they are governed by. A general office user can get away with a cheap carpet and storage closet with no lock. This is not the case for a medical user. They have to have special types of flooring depending on their use. In some counties a sink has to be placed in each exam room. This is for sanitation issues of course. The cost of running water to every room can be exorbitant. 

The cost of construction is on the rise, but building for medical is even higher. Many office complexes do not house medical offices for rent because of the cost. A landlord might not be willing to pay or share the cost of building out medical space. Most doctors want seamless check in and out for their patients without them coming through the same entrance. This can be costly when taking over a second generation space and having to rework the lay out.

Medical Complexes

Near hospitals are a great place to start searching for a medical office for rent. The landlords at these medical complexes understand the complexities of renting to medical office users. They purposefully designed the complex to house medical users of all kinds. This benefits the landlord and the tenant. When so many similar industry professionals are together all benefit. 

Owning a complex and listing medical offices for rent generally does not take long to fill. Doctors and medical practitioners like being close together. This is because most doctors specialize or at the very least cannot do it all. For you as a patient don’t you want to be close to a referral when having to go doctor to doctor. Owners like this too because if all businesses are successful, so will the landlord.


We Can Help Doctors!

If you are an owner of a medical practice and are looking to expand or move visit our website to learn more. The office advisors love representing our medical community. You as a owner operator can rest assured that we will take the time you need to find the ideal location. Having your practice that is easily accessible is something we take seriously. To start your search for your next medical office space for rent just click here to fill out a questionnaire.