Medical Office Space For Rent- Location


When you own a business the location you operate said business out of can be a major factor of your success. This is no different than our friends in the medical industry. Did you know that at The Office Advisors we can help any type of medical practice find its right spot? Locating the right medical office space for rent is challenging. That is why we love helping you the doctor or practitioner with this task, to us it is not as challenging. 


Location is important for Medical Office

When looking for your next medical office space for rent location as we all have heard, it is extremely important. Your success as owner or operator of a doctors office can depend a lot on where you are located. We are not just referring to the actual address, but also many other factors that go into a site selection.


What do medical practices look for?

Many medical practices look to be in close proximity to their referral sources that are in industry. This means that doctors or practitioners look for medical office space to rent in the same complex as other doctors. This is so they can make it easy to get a referral. Having another doctor that you can walk to their office is a great way to build business relationships. This also makes for a better customer experience. A patient that might need a procedure done that their doctor does not perform won’t have to go far. No one wants to travel across town for two appointments on the same day.  

What if there are no medical complexes?

Not all markets are fortunate to have medical office space for rent in a dedicated complex. Fear not our physician friends. There are solutions to this problem. Being close as possible to other similar professionals can accomplish the same goal. The benefits of leasing medical offices in one giant complex can have drawbacks as well.

Having a retail type location for your practice is a great option in many markets. Not all areas in Georgia have specifically noted properties that advertise medical offices for rent. A physician would have to look for other options to lease or buy. Homes that have rezoned to commercial use can be a great option. Strip-centers also can be valuable from a marketing stand point.You will have many potential clients going about their daily tasks and can see your sign. Also they can possibly complete all their errands and have a doctor or dentist appointment in one center. 


Drawbacks to massive buildings

Many times these massive buildings with many floors of medical office spaces for rent can be hard to navigate. I can think of many times when trying to show vacant space the confusion that can ensue. I have been on tours with listing brokers that got lost in their own complex. You would not have your patients getting lost on the way to their appointment. Many times these patients might be sick or in pain and the last thing you would want to do them is create more hassle on their way to treatment. Location, location, location does not always mean the exact address.

We help you the owner think of all the necessary small details to help with success. Having just a medical office space to rent and being in a building will not guarantee success. Your patients have to be able to find it easily. Potential clients need to know that you are there and what you do. Being visible and accessible is a great step to start.



Helping our doctor and dentist friend find their next medical office space to rent is more fun than actually going to a doctor. We strive daily to make sure that any of our professionals in the medical field are set up for success. This does not only include our real estate help, but also industry partners we can introduce you to. Do not be caught with a bad lease that is leaving your business flat lined for cash. Call or click today.