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Do you go to a doctor that has an over crowded waiting room. Do you feel like this doctor needs to find a new medical office space for rent in Atlanta ? Then what you need to do is send your doctor or physician the link to our website. You can copy it right here The Office Advisors. You can even tell them that we are free to use! No matter where you may be in Georgia we can help find their first or next location. (404) 594-3028


Now one of the reasons doctors use us is because we help them find affordable medical office space for rent in Atlanta. We have brokers on staff that help doctors of all kinds of different focuses find their ideal locations. We are there to help these business owners / doctors locate, negotiate and ultimately open for business in any of the Atlanta markets. The first thing you should know about working with us is that we are free to the tenant. This is because the landlord is happy to have a paying business occupying his previously vacant space. The landlord has our side of the commission and the landlord reps commission built in to their cost of doing business. 


Secondly, the landlord runs his company as a business and wants to have all of their medical office space for rent in Atlanta. They will pay for a broker to advertise the space and find a tenant to occupy and pay rent. You can find out more about why representation on the world wide web at our website. The Office Advisors understands that when you sign a lease you are signing a legally binding document. Did you know that a company’s rent is typically the most costly expense other than payroll. Also many times it can be the most costly expense to running a business. 


Similarly we at The Office Advisors have the most advanced technology on hand to aid us. The goal is to find our clients the best possible medical office space for rent in Atlanta. By reading about our team on the website you will see that we are here to serve you the client. We go through our process with each client to give them a custom strategy plan to ensure they will be set up for success from day one. The benefit to having a broker on your side does not end with just technology and locating a space. We are there to save you time and money.


Now when the ideal location is found the service does not stop there. The Office Advisors are by your side to save you money. Because of the time we saved you from not having to search through the endless amount of properties so you can be free to run your practice. We know that when you are not practising the last thing you want to do is sift through medical office space for rent in Atlanta. This is a time wasting activity that you do not need to do. No money is made for you when you do this


Next we can save you money on when you find the right medical office space for rent in Atlanta through industry knowledge. We are brokers that do this every day. The benefit of us  being in this industry every day is that we know what is happening. By no means are we saying that we are better at negotiating than you. We just have specific knowledge that we can leverage to help save you money on your lease. Our job is to help provide you with the most up to date and accurate information so that you can ultimitaley make the right choice. We can help you no matter what Atlanta medical market you want to be in.


The Atlanta Markets


Equally important when hunting out medical office space to rent in Atlanta is where in Atlanta. This may sound a little confusing. There are different Atlanta markets and they have different advantages and drawbacks to them. The markets are just neighborhoods and distinct names and defined markers.


First, the market most of the people in Atlanta are familiar with is Buckhead. Buckhead is known as an affluent part of Atlanta. This means a few things for a medical practice. You can be assured that you will have a wealthy clientele and  this means well paying customers. When an area is affluent the home prices are not the only expensive real estate. Medical office space for rent in Atlanta is very expensive in Buckhead. The offices are generally nice and very modern. There is a plethora  of medical practices in the Buckhead market so a benefit can be a lot of doctors to get referrals from. Consequently you have to have a very good customer base to be successful enough afford the cost of leasing your office space.


Secondly, A major market that one should consider when finding a medical office space for rent in Atlanta is Midtown. Midtown is between Buckhead and Downtown. This is also an affluent area ,but typically has the young professional feel. You would want to be in aspecifice medical office building in this market. This makes it easier for referrals. A fact about the midtown market is that the general population walks or commutes alternatively. Being centrally located and having other doctors in the same building makes it easier for the customer. This type of medical office space for rent also comes at an expensive cost. Office rents are continually rising in midtown every year.


Now a market that many might not be familiar with is the Cumberland/Galleria. The Cumberland/Galleria is where the newest Braves stadium is. This emerging market is a great market to consider when looking for medical office space for rent in Atlanta. Due to the fact that the Braves have built a stadium and new development in the area this has become a great option for doctors. The rent is cheaper than the other markets, but still not cheap. Having medical office space for rent in Atlanta does not necessarily mean city and skyscrapers. This market might be perfect for you if your clientele is the suburban family type.


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