Medical Office space for rent- how to find us

Now if you are looking to start a new practice and are wanting to find medical office space for rent, then you need representation. Here at The Office Advisors we specialize in helping doctors and physicians lease office space. Whenever and wherever in Atlanta that you need to lease space we are there to help. You can start your journey by going online and searching in Google for our Google business page. When you find our map  listing you can see all of review. You can read them to find out just how much our clients loved working with us.


Now it will be easy to see from our reviews that our clients are happy. We help multiple professionals locate their home for operations. Just so you know medical office space for rent is an area of real estate that we have our best people working in. Professionalism is key when negotiating and that is why all of our brokers are licensed.


Secondly from the Google business page listing you need to visit our website, just click HERE. This link will take you to our home page. On the home page you can fill out one of our forms on the type of real estate need you are inquiring about. Once the form is filled out and sent you will receive a welcome email. From there you will be contacted by one of our trusted Brokers. They then can help you begin the exciting process of locating your medical office space for rent.(404) 594-3028


Medical Office for rent – Why representation


While you are on our website there are a few other tabs that you should check out. We encourage you to take a look at our why representation tab. This website page is there to inform you the business owner on why having representation is a smart choice when negotiating medical office space for rent. You can learn that the best part about working with us is that we are free to you the tenant. Now I am sure that you may not have been aware of this fact about The Office Advisors, but it is true. The landlord has set built in our side of the commission as a cost of doing business. Pretty good, right?


Another major factor that goes into finding your medical office space for rent. You might not have even been aware of this one, the landlord has a broker. That is correct the owner has representation. This is because he or she does not want to spend their time negotiating and marketing to prospective tenants. Time is more important to them and to you as a doctor. You should not be spending your time looking for your next office location, but rather working on and in your business. 


Furthermore we at The Office Advisors help come up with a strategy for the best way to attack finding the and leasing. This is because we do not want to waste your time in the hunt for a medical office space for rent. This can be a very time consuming endeavor and we all want the best use of time to ensure it is not a loss. So why not check us out and learn more at


 Our Team

When you have the time in your busy schedule go online. Visit our website if you are ready to start searching for your medical office space for rent. You can read about our team, and team building. In fact you can learn about why was created. Secondly you can learn the importance of building a team around your medical space needs. We have relationships in many different industries. The benefit from having these connections is we can all pull together to set you up for success. There is a lot that goes into leasing medical office space. Besides just finding a location and negotiating terms. Medical office users have to have them built out  to regulatory specifications. These can be costly and a long process.


Precious Time

Doctors that are spending their precious time not on their practice but trying to find a medical office for rent are wasting time. You as a physician need to focus on your medical practise. Do not waste time that could be used in making money and helping people on searching for a location. Let us as The Office Advisors take this burdensome and tedious task off your shoulders. 


As a rule we do not send a massive amount of properties to our clients for them to sift through. We take the time to understand your needs and what you are looking for in your next medical office. The Brokers here will create a custom curated list of medical office spaces to rent. They will then send this list for you to determine if any of these locations would be a fit. From your selections the next step is upon us. We then contact the landlord broker and confirm if the space is available and if your practice would be a fit.


The task of confirming availability and fit is something that will quickly stress and frustrate many. The problem is a listing is only as good as the person updating it. This means in many cases the information is bad. The medical office space for rent that you thought was available could no longer be available. You should fear not because in the Atlanta market we are fortunate to have many great locations for your medical practice to operate out of. The building might already have the same type of practice and not want competing physicians.

So if you are ready to begin and want to work with the best and most fun brokers. You do not have to search far. We online at From our website you can find all the ways to contact us. The homepage is a great way to get into contact with us. Also you can click on the Contact us tab and fill out that form. We also have a phone number to reach our VP directly. We care about the client and want to make sure the best brokers are available to you. Do not hesitate to start the process.(404) 594-3028