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Part about working with The Office Advisors in NE Marietta commercial real estate space is they are professional. You will never have to worry about promptness professionalism or lack of information. We are at The Office Advisors pride ourselves on giving the utmost Marietta Commercial Real Estate Services. We are number one in the area for a reason. Just contact us today to find out why.(404) 594-3028


 Brokers love what they do. They have been experts in the Marietta commercial real estate space for years. They understand the market and how it’s growing and attracting new Talent. If you are a business looking to lease office space in the Marietta commercial real estate area contact us now. Amazingly we have extensive relationships of landlords and other occupiers of space. We will make sure that you as a business that is leasing commercial space will get the best possible deal for you.


We can help save you on the cost


 Whatever you were looking at in space to lease you have to be aware of a few things. One of them is the hidden costs. Our Brokers can help you break down the cost of doing business and your lease. This is very vital so you don’t have any sneak charges come up on your bill. When operating a business you must know wherever you send comes out of. We will make sure that you understand the charges and how much it will cost you to lease space..  furthermore if you were trying to buy any type of Marietta commercial real estate asset we can help.


 Now you might not be aware of this but it is very important to have representation when trying to buy Marietta commercial real estate space. This goes for any type of real estate. Even if you do not choose to work with one of our brokers we always suggest that you have representation. This is because having an industry professional on your side two can save you time and money. And also can save you a lot of headache and loss of money.


You will love our brokers


 Moreover working with one of the Brokers at the offset visors you will love it. We take pride in bring the energy and the information to you the client. We can help with whatever type of Marietta commercial real estate space you use. This doesn’t matter if you were leasing it, a landlord, or looking to purchase assets. We also offer listing services for any type of commercial space.


 Now our marketing is top-notch. We have professional photographers in professional camera to shoot your property in the best light. This  goes for even a sublease. We make sure that all of the ore properties that we are involved with or shown in the best light. This is so the owner or landlord of the building can get his tenant or sell it quickly. We want to make sure that your property stands out. We want to make sure that everything is shown in the best possible light. You can rest assured that your property Will Stand Out Among all other Megan commercial real estate assets.


We understand the Marietta market


Thirdly, our Brokers understand the Marietta commercial real estate market better than anybody else. This is because they also live in the area and are involved in other community aspects of it. Understanding the market is vital for our clients. We take pride in breaking down the numbers and seeing the big picture. We want to make sure that your purchase fits with your goal. Whether it is a long-term or short-term goal with your Marietta commercial real estate asset. The Office Advisors are here to help. 


Now there’s a lot that goes into purchasing or leasing a commercial asset in Marietta. We’re in Atlanta. Most of us are not exactly the way that user is. This means that there has to be billed out and run time for the space is ready. We have industry professionals that we are partnering with in order to set you up for Success. You do not have to use our industry Partners. But we always suggest that you use a reputable company. This is because whenever you were going through the Marietta commercial real estate process you must have an industry professional team around you.


 Team building is one of our core services we offer to our clients. You as a user of Marietta commercial real estate space needs a team surrounded by them. This goes for any type of business. We measured only partners with the best of us upstanding industry companies in the Atlanta metro area. We want to make sure that our clients are taken care of at every turn even if it’s something that we do not have contact with.


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 You should visit our website at While our website you sure do look around and read more about us. There’s play information and more facts on the contact-us page to answer any type of common questions you might have. The best part about us as we are easy to read. You get to fill out forms on two separate pages on a website. From there, more Brokers will reach out to begin you on your Marietta commercial real estate.




If you’re in pain since I know you might want to check out our YouTube channel. Our vice president of commercial operations holds a weekly Mastermind meeting. The individuals on the panel are business owners and Industry professionals from around the Atlanta area. They discuss the current market conditions and how to adapt and move forward as business owners.


Sellect Realty of Marietta


 The Office Advisors have a sister brokerage.  Sellect Realty has been a trusted Residential Brokerage in the Marietta area since 2007. No matter what your residential needs select Realty is a full-service brokerage. Check them out and they can help you with any of your residential real estate needs.(404) 594-3028