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Have you begun your search for Marietta commercial real estate yet? You are probably coming across The Office Advisors. We are a full-service commercial real estate firm. We are number one in Marietta commercial real estate for a few reasons. Those reasons are the fact that we are clients’ inner Focus. Also we are very technologically advanced. This is because we use the most up-to-date technology.(404) 594-3028


 No matter what your commercial real estate needs The Office Advisors can help. We are trusted in Marietta commercial real estate for our years of service. We started as a residential firm and have grown into a commercial real estate company. This is through dedication in the vision of our leaders. Our leaders are Georgia native and understand the Marietta commercial real estate market better than anyone else.


Is representation important 


 Now if you have never used representation when purchasing or leasing commercial real estate in Marietta try it out. What you need to do is visit our website at You should check out our services tab. First you can read about a commercial tenant representation. tenant representations in Marietta commercial real estate is a month. This is because any type of authorized user or commercial real estate for that matter needs to have a broker. We don’t care if you choose us but we always suggest that you have someone. This is because the landlord has representation on his side so shouldn’t you have someone watching out for you.


 The benefits to having a tenant rep whenever you’re searching for Marietta commercial real estate to lease are numerous. Firstly is the time-saving aspect. You as a business owner do not need to waste your time searching through countless office listings. We have been there. Typically when searching for Marietta commercial real estate you might come across websites such as and These websites are great to begin your search but it never will be you’ll figure out that you were met by a paywall. These are because they are industry websites.


Access to listings 


 Now you may not have had access to these websites without a broker. The things that most people do not understand is whenever you were searching for a realistic on these sites you would not get all of the information. The vast majority of the Marietta commercial real estate leasing will not be shown to you. Now if you would have had a broker from the beginning you would not have run into this problem. You can be shown all the listings in your search area.


 Secondly the benefit to having commercial tenant rep is the cost savings. Leasing space or in Marietta commercial real estate you need to know that the landlord has representation. The landlord also has money out there on the table. This money is available to you the tenant. You may not have been aware of this because you are not used to searching for leasing office space in the Marietta area. Tenant Improvement allowance if they are for the landlord to help you build out your space for your business use. You may have left all this cash on the table if you did not have a broker.


Advertising service


 Secondly we also advertise commercial office space. Marietta commercial real estate market is a competitive one. This is especially when there is office space for lease or even buildings for sale. The technology we use is the best of the industry. You might have found out when searching through Marietta commercial real estate and that some of the photos and properties are not shown in great light. This is because commercial real estate can be lazy. We want all of our properties that we list to be the best showcase properties.


 Now the technology we use in professional photography is what puts our listings on top. You will quickly find out that your listing will be standing apart from the rest of the crowds. This is because of the professional photography use and the 3D walk through. Your property might even require Drone footage to best showcase it. This is something that the Brokers will arrange for your property if necessary. Marietta commercial real estate is competitive as we says and we are the best ones for the job.


Team Building


 Thirdly team building is a service we offer. This goes for whatever type of commercial real estate service you need. We have industry professionals all around the Metro Atlanta area. Whatever we go through a transaction on the buy side or sell side of a commercial property we need a team. This is because having other industry professionals and every step is what sets you and us up for work success.We want your property in the Marietta commercial real estate space to be successful. Whether you are a tenant leasing space or a landlord trying to lease space the team around you is there for success.


 Now if you’re still not convinced that you need a broker when going through any type of commercial real estate transaction in Marietta. then visit our website and click on the why representation tab.  There’s some quick facts and a better understanding that’s why you need representation whenever going through any type of Marietta commercial real estate transaction.


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 Are you a business owner in the Atlanta area. Then you should visit our YouTube channel. Our vice president of commercial operations holds weekly Mastermind meetings.These meetings the panel of guests discuss business strategies. The topics are on an allen to adapt to the current business crisis.


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