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 no matter what your needs The Office Advisors can help. We are number one in Marietta commercial real estate. If you don’t believe this just go to our Google business page. Or visit our website at The Office from there you can fill out the form on the right hand side of the page to begin your business evaluation today. This is of course a free no-obligation consultation.(404) 594-3028


 Now if you are in Marietta in need a commercial real estate can contact us. We were founded on the principle of making a client focused brokerage. This means if you are a Marriott commercial real estate user we should be on your side. If you have never used a broker before then maybe we’re the ones that are right for you. You should never go at any type of commercial transaction alone why not have The Office Advisors on your side.


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First if you are an office user we can help. Marietta commercial real estate is a very unique Market. This is because it is a high-end suburb of the Atlanta metro area. The main factors in Marietta commercial real estate is its proximity to Atlanta and density in comparison. The major determining factors of price in these situations is how close it is to the interstate. Also with the new Braves stadium being built. Commercial real estate has jumped in value.


 Now this can even mean if you are an office user. You might have seen your rental rates jump in the recent past. This is due to the fact that Cobb County is a highly desirable Market. This goes in residential real estate as well as its Marietta Commercial Real Estate Sister. If you own a business and you are leasing space in Marietta I’m sure that you’ve seen that your rinse has slowly gone up over the years. This is not to account for the typical inflation. It is because Marietta and Cobb County as a hole is a growing and very desirable summer.


Industrial Market


 Also industrial real estate is now less of an abundance in the Marietta commercial real estate market. Even with it being right off the highway we have seen a deterioration and lack of product in this market. This is because developers have chosen it to go a more profitable route. They are either building Office Buildings or shopping centers. Even with the amount of shopping centers going bust the amount of suburban traffic and high-end shot retail centers Mavis survive. Industrial is still a viable commercial real estate option.


You may not think of industrial as a major Marietta commercial real estate Factor. The high taxes and high residential population. You can still find industrial Pockets around Marietta. Some of the best industrial areas are now just light industrial. Commercial real estate has switched from a major thoroughfare to being more of a tourist and Suburban destination.


Retail is strong


Secondly with Marietta commercial real estate turning to more Suburban type assets. You have seen a boom of retail operations. One of the most distinguishable is Truist Park. This is the Braves stadium that has been recently built. With the construction of the stadium Marietta commercial real estate has skyrocketed in value. Many investors that bought a few years ago during the downturn or seeing massive gains in their assets.Baby aware of the rising value of commercial real estate.


Now if you are not even an investor we can still help. You may be an investor and The Office Advisors are here to help in any of your Marietta commercial real estate at. We offer a wide variety of Real Estate Services. Any of these can fit your real estate uses. Being an investor we can help identify any type of commercial property in the Georgia Market.


We can help Investors


Furthermore if you are not an investor in Marietta commercial real estate we can still help. Are you a business owner? If you are that I’m sure that you were looking to lease or purchase property. Are leasing division is experts in leasing space in Marietta commercial real estate assets. If this can be office, retail or even the industrial. No matter what your type of leasing needs The Office Advisors are standing by. Our representation is always free to the tenets. This is because the landlord pays our side of the commission.


Why having a representative is key


Representation is important to any type of commercial real estate transaction. This goes even for leasing a small retail space. The landlord has her on his side watching out for his assets. It just makes sense that you have someone on your side. We are not saying that we are better negotiating or know your business better. However we do know the industry oh, because we are in it daily. This puts you at an advantage with brokers who know the ins-and-outs of Marietta commercial real estate leasing.


Even if you do not choose to go with us. We do suggest that you always have representation. There are many commercial brokerages in Atlanta. We hope that you choose us. You may think that we are the right fit for you, but a quick conversation with one of our Brokers will surely change your mind.


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 Are you a business owner? Then you might want to check out our YouTube channel and become a subscriber. Our vice president of commercial operations hold weekly Mastermind meetings with Atlanta business owners and leaders. They discuss strategies and how to navigate the current conditions we face.


You may not be aware but The Office Advisors are a division of Sellect Realty. They have been interested in the Marietta residential space for years. A female veteran found an organization they can help you with any of your residential real estate needs.(404) 594-3028