Commercial Office space for rent – Leasing & businesses 

When starting a business one of the first pictures many owners have in their mind is what their office or look like. I would assume that many startup entrepreneurs do not think that real estate will be involved in the beginnings of their business. That is why we are here to help. The Office Advisors are here to help with all of your commercial real estate needs at the beginning of your business journey. If you are one of the successful businesses we hope we are with you through your entire journey. Some owners do not understand they should look for commercial office space for rent first.


Do I buy a building?

Many people might think that they need to buy their location in order to operate. This is not the case! Many businesses look for commercial office space for rent when opening their door. When you are a startup business cash can be in short supply. There is also a lot of risk in starting a business. Owning a building can create unwanted liability for a business. When renting the business will have a lot less liability when something goes wrong typically than when owning a building.

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Why lending might be a problem

For the most part being in a location that has commercial office space for rent is where the majority of business will be. Leasing office space or retail space is what almost every company in the US does. Buying a building takes capital and in most cases a loan. When a bank sees a new business wanting to take out a loan on a building it can be risky. This is because the business may not be proven and the bank does not want to loan to an uncertain bower. They would like to see that you could pay you commercial office space for rent first. 


Where can I start searching for commercial office space to rent?

Do not feel lost or worried on how to start your real estate quest. We can help you find your commercial office space for rent. The crazy time consuming task of searching for your first or next office location is taken off your shoulders. Go to the world wide web and visit our website The Office Advisors: Home from there you can fill out a form and we will be happy to answer any questions. 

The world of leasing office space is filled with many time consuming tasks and can create a headache for the owner of a business. This is why we try and take this responsibility off the owner from having to search for commercial office space for rent. We free them up to do what they do best. That is run their business of course! Our Brokers are masters in leasing office space.


Is there a benefit to having a broker?

There are many advantages to having a real estate broker when searching for commercial office space to rent. Professionals in the commercial real estate industry have access to tools that are specific to our need that normal people will not. These tools range from software that allows us to identify commercial offices for rent that are not marketed to the public. We also have industry specific knowledge from being in the industry daily. These combined with the knowledge and help from the business owner we are representing we become a force. This force is hard to stop when locating your next lease deal.


Is Leasing commercial office space expensive?

Leasing space can vary in price according to the location and quality of the product. This is no different than any other rule of business. We are sure you have all heard the phrase “location, location, location”. Commercial office space for rent is the epitome of this rule. The location or market is a major factor in determining the price per square foot. The newness and amount of amenities also determine the price. These two items can mean the difference in thousands of dollars in rent for an identical size location just a few miles apart.

Can I save money when leasing?

Yes, you can save money when renting commercial office space. The first step is to hire a tenant rep. broker.  contact us and we can help. The beauty of working with us is that we are not out of pocket cost to the tenant. The landlord disperses commissions and this does not come from your wallet. The office advisors can save you money by our expert industry knowledge and access to off market properties.  We are fighting in your corner.