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Whenever you need to start looking for industrial space for rent you need to check out The Office Advisors. We are here to help in all your real estate needs. You can take your time searching around the world wide web or you can work with the best at the start. You can rest assured that your interest will be closely guarded by our brokers. We are here to help protect your money and time. 


The first thing you need to do is go on the world wide web. Visit our website at If you scroll to the bottom you can see reviews from clients just like you. You will see why people love working with us. 


Now you might be asking yourself, why The Office Advisors? That is a very good question. Also that is a question you should ask before interviewing a broker. Especially before you sign a lease on industrial space for rent. They need to be experienced and versed in the leasing industry. You always want to have someone who understands the industrial real estate landscape and market. These markets can vary in price and quality of product. 


Furthermore we have a streamlined system. From the time you fill out the form on our homepage you will be taken through our system. We are different from other traditional brokages because we have a system that each broker has to follow. This is because we do not want many surprises or variations in quality of service for our clients. You will be able to see the process laid out from the start. We have graphics and a step by step process so you can see what it takes to get a leased sign. We do not like randomness happening in deals so we try to be set for success and predictability from the beginning.(404) 594-3028. 


Team Building


 Thirdly, we are a team working for your goals. The money you spend as a tenant on your lease is the second if not first largest expense. This holds true for many different types of industries. Having to pay for industrial space for rent can mean you pay for a lot of square footage. To best optimize your industrial space you need the right fit and layout. That is why we build teams around your needs. The Office Advisors have relationships with many different industry professionals. These relationships can be architects, insurance agencies and also consultants. Many of these consultants can advise on setting your company up for success before the doors are even open. The team is here to help in your business success.


Now, you may know that when you find the right industrial space for rent it might not be perfect. Looks do not mean much when having an industrial space for rent. We understand that these types of real estate are for use. They are typically not there to win any beauty contest or design awards. Industrial space for rent is a utility piece of equipment for the types of business that occupy there spaces.


Having a Broker


Subsequently the reason for representation does not vary by industry or space use type. We have your back because the landlord does not. The fact of the matter is the landlord is a business in itself. When you lease space that is how the landlord or owner makes money. You as a tenant are a user of their product. Their product is real estate. They advertise their industrial space for rent. When a tenant comes along and leases the space from them this is where the revenue comes from. This business model is a very simple one. The interest of the landlord is to make as much money off the rent. We are there to make sure our client gets the best deal and can afford the rent. 


Incidentally the industrial space for rent is being advertised by a broker. This broker is protecting the landlord’s interest and money. He is taking on the task of advertising the space for lease. He or she is also there to broker a deal that makes the landlord the most money possible. If the landlord has someone in his corner, shouldn’t you? We should always seek professional help when entering into a lease. This is because it is a legal and binding document. You should always have help protecting your money.


Finding Industrial Space

Now I am sure you might have tried finding industrial space for rent on your own. You might have come across websites like loopnet or costar. After a while of looking around you probably started wondering what all the terms meant. Do not worry we are here to help you understand all the industry terms. Did you know that if you do not pay for a Loopnet or Costar you don’t get full access. This means that you are not being shown all of the listings. You might be missing out on perfect opportunities for your business. The simple fact of having to pay for more is why having a broker saves you money.

The Office Advisors has all of the right industry software and data. Using these tools helps you find the right industrial space for rent. We can narrow down locations quicker and target right opportunities. You will have access to all these properties that you were previously unable to view. The right industrial space for rent is out there for you.


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The only reason that you should not have representation is if you are a licensed broker. Do not hesitate and come to our website or call us today. We are standing by to help you find your perfect industrial space for rent. The brokers here will do it with a smile and make it fun for our clients. We love what we do and that spills out in our work. Go to our Google Business Page to read our reviews or stop by our office. (404) 594-3028.