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Looking for a real estate investment property is a way that many people are starting to move their money. Commercial real estate listings Atlanta is called when you search term. Here at The Office Advisors we can help you find any type of commercial real estate listing. We have the best technology in the most up-to-date Market data in order to find any type of commercial property.(404) 594-3028


 Now you might be in the market for commercial real estate listings Atlanta. We can put your listing in front of the right people in order to get it sold and released. The Office Advisors are specialized in helping any type of commercial property. Our Brokers are licensed and Industry experts. You might be wondering how we can get these in front of the right buyers. We use the best technology to get your property out there.. Some of those websites are and


Optimizing Listings Online


We will use SEO optimization on a commercial listing. Commercial real estate listings Atlanta are a hot topic. Good luck looking for a commercial property you have to make sure you were buying in the right area. We all know the old saying location, location, location. This is very true to buying the right property. When scouting for property you must buy it in the right area.


Now, commercial real estate listings Atlanta is a way that we optimize your property. We will use photography and drone photography If applicable. The Atlanta commercial real estate market is a very competitive one. You must have a broker on your side that is very familiar with the markets in the price structure of set properties.Are Brokers are industry and Market experts. They will save you time and money in locating or listing your commercial real estate.


 Also, you should visit our website at  From our website you need to fill out the form on the right hand side of the homepage. One of our Brokers then we’ll reach out to you in order to begin your journey with any of your commercial real estate needs. If you were searching for commercial real estate listings Atlanta then you might be searching for different markets around the area. Atlanta is a very large market and has many submarkets within it.


Knowing the Sub-markets


Now I’m searching throughout the sub-market you have to be smart. This of course goes without saying. Excel markets around the Atlanta area are very tricky. They each have their own benefits as well as there’s some that  have large negatives. Some of these negatives are quickly going away however with gentrification. This is why it’s important to have a broker that has the inside market knowledge of the Atlanta area.


 When scouting the markets around Atlanta we take the time to read and understand what else is going around a particular building. Commercial real estate listings Atlanta always have some type of negative to them. Commercial real estate in the Atlanta area can be very tricky. There are special permits and the government takes a lot of time unless you know someone there. Gentrification is happening all over Atlanta. However it is not happening in every Market. You must be careful when searching for property. So as not to buy the wrong area at the wrong time.


What is happening in Atlanta Business


Now I’m sure you understand that with a coronavirus outbreak a lot has halted. Business in America has stopped or ground to a very slow creep. This is no different than the commercial real estate market. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate listings are not moving as fast as they were pre-pandemic.  Landlords are acting slightly differently in moving slower than expected.


 This of course is due to the current conditions. When tenants aren’t paying rent the landlord does not have the money to pay his mortgage. However what we have seen is people working together on both sides. This does not mean only the landlord and renter. Also we have seen the lender and the landlord’s working together. so there’s not much new move-ins on the commercial real estate side. Do landlords not know what their future rents will be or current rents for that matter. They do not want new tenants or spend on new tenants moving. Because they do not know how much they are currently making.

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Now what you need to do if you’re not convinced that you need to work with The Office Advisors. First  go to our website. Atlanta Commercial Real Estate listings will not be on here except for our own. What you do need to do however is read “why representation”. This is of course if you’ve never had a broker on your side. You will learn why it is important and why it is a safeguard for you to clients. We Stand between you and the asset or landlord.


No matter what type of commercial property you have we can help. We can put your  Commercial Real Estate listings Atlanta in front of the right people. are professional photographers who take the best photos and we do 3D tours. We want to be able to Showcase your property quickly and in the best light. This saves time and money in the long run.


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No matter what your real estate needs, the office if I can help. We are also partnered with a residential real estate firm. The residential side of our company is called Sellect Realty and is located in Marietta Georgia.All agents and Brokers license within Georgia. Better which side of the commercial real estate transaction you are on you will love working with either side.


 Are you a business owner? Are you trying to find new strategies in order to survive the coronavirus outbreak. Then you should watch our YouTube channel. Our vice president holds a weekly meeting with Business Leaders around the Atlanta area. They discuss strategies and everything. How to survive. (404) 594-3028