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Having to look for commercial real estate listings Atlanta is not a quick and easy process. You need a broker to help you locate the right property for your needs. This is where we can help! The Office Advisors are masters of locating any type of commercial real estate asset.(404) 594-3028


Now, you might not have thought of working with a broker before. We understand that you might have some questions first about having representation. This is why we suggest that you go to the world wide web. From here you need to visit our website at You can read why representation is important in real estate transactions. A broker is there to protect your interest in the transaction. This can be from either side. You would want representation if you are selling or buying. Also if you are leasing property to or from a business or individual. Going through a transaction on a  Commercial Real Estate Listings Atlanta is no different.


Understanding the industry


Furthermore, having a real estate broker can bring you knowledge. Our knowledge comes from working directly in the commercial real estate industry. This can save you the client precious time and money. I am sure you understand the importance of having this insider knowledge on your side. Think about going through a deal if you are the only one without representation. You might look silly or worse be taken advantage of when a commercial real estate listings Atlanta process. 


Also this can help you when you are trying to advertise your property. We offer the service of Commercial Real Estate Listings Atlanta. Our team will get your property in front of the right buyer or leasor. Marketing your property starts with understanding it. Each property is unique and so is the user of it. We take the time to understand you and the property. Your broker will go through the process to understand not only your needs, but the properties as well.


Marketing Effectively 


Now, having an understanding of you and the property we can market effectively.Commercial Real Estate Listings Atlanta takes the right marketing to get in front of the right user. We use the most up to date technology to accomplish this. Your property will have the best photography and virtual tour. Understanding that we are living in a life changing period calls for the marketing efforts to be ramped up. We take pride in being able to show property even though the user might not step foot in there at the time.


The websites on the world wide web that we use are the best. Some of these websites include, but are not limited to and We make sure that your Commercial Real Estate Listings Atlanta is epic. Your property needs to be shown in the best light. Also the more eyes that can see the property. The more likely your right buyer will see it. 


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The Office Advisors are here to help with any of your commercial real estate needs. Commercial Real Estate Listings Atlanta is where we can shine. Let us start the conversation today. Visit our home page and fill out the form on the right. One of our licensed brokers will reach out for a free no obligation consultation. There is no risk to you to start working on your commercial real estate future.


We can also help with residential real estate needs. Commercial Real Estate Listings Atlanta is not all we do. Sellect Realty is our parent company and have been trusted in the metro Atlanta area for years. Whatever your needs in real estate are, we are here to help.


Likewise if you are a business owner you should check out our Youtube channel. Weekly our Vice President Reid Moore hosts a mastermind video conference. Gathered on these meetings are leading Georgia business people. They each weigh in on topics that they are facing in the current business environment.   (404) 594-3028