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Now there are many things that make a good commercial real estate broken in Atlanta. Some of them include communication as well as market knowledge. When you work with The Office Advisors you will get all of the above. And then some. Thankfully we are what many other commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta are not. They are known for their lack of communication as well as standoff this. Fortunately, all you have to do is visit our website to learn more today. So check out our Google reviews and poker and pokemon website to see what services we can offer you.


When you work with us you will quickly see that we are different than your typical brokerage. Each one of our agents is highly motivated and skilled in negotiations and sourcing of property. Therefore, it only makes good business sense to work with us. Do not waste your time searching around the Internet on endless websites trying to find the right property for your needs. Let the right commercial real estate broker in Atlanta do the job for you. We left the burdensome task of real estate off your shoulder so you can focus on what you do best. That is run your business!


Why is it hard to find properties?

 Starting off if you are looking for real estate on your own you might have realized a few things. 1st of these things is that it seems like there’s not a lot of inventory out there. However, this is not typically the cake. The Secret about finding correct or the most real estate is having a paid account. As licensed professionals, we are able to see 80% more of the properties on the market. So when you are searching on a website such as not typically you’re only saying about 20% of what is actually out there. Fortunately, come on when you work with a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta they will be able to show you a Is odd more properties.


Furthermore, the market knowledge that goes along with sourcing properties can save you headaches and money as well. When working with a licensed professional that has great market knowledge there are some things to know. You may be a great negotiator however, what is typical in a market can save you a lot of money. Some of these things are tenant improvement allowances. Many times landlords offer allowances to new tenants in order to help recoup some of the cost of building it’s a build-out on their space.


Now you might be asking me why would a landlord want to help with build-out. Well, trust me there’s no such thing as a free lunch. However a, they want you to be successful and set up for business as well. You might think why does someone care if my business is successful? Well, let me tell you the landlord is in the business of collecting rent. So USA business needs to be successful in order to pay them monthly. That also the improvements to the space might help them in the long term. It also brings up the value of their location. So if they ever want to sell The value is higher due to the improvements that were made by tenants or previous tenants.


Free options available to you

Furthermore, sometimes we are able to get you free rent or rent abatement on monthly expenses. So if you try to take on a lease there are many factors that you need to be aware of periods lots of individual companies that have never signed a lease before are not aware of some of these extra rents. They might include utilities CAM and a load of utilities onsite as well as other expenses. Some of the other expenses might include taxes as well. This, of course, is all negotiable and it’s part of the least negotiation stops. It’s important to have a competent commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on your side when going through this period that way they can explain to you the entire insanely of the deal.


Furthermore, having the industry and market knowledge will ledge will be able to read a list in order to try to protect you. Remember the landlord has representation trying to maximize you. The Office Advisor steps in order to stop that maximization. We want to make sure everybody is happy and profitable. However, that can only come when there’s a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on your side. We want to protect you and understand your needs from the get-go. So at The Office Advisors, we are here to protect you and your company’s bottom line. Many times real estate can be the most expensive part of a company’s operations and expenses. That’s. Payroll is either 2nd or 1st period


Business Acumen 

So as a business-minded individual it makes important sense to have a professional on your side negotiating your lease. Especially when most of the time it comes out of no out-of-pocket costs to you the tenant. That’s right in Atlanta we are expected to be paid by the landlord. Therefore, why not have someone on your team as a tool in order to save you money and time period work with the office advisors to do all of this period we are standing by in order to help you navigate the Internet of Lisa’s as well as the purchase and sell of commercial real estate. There’s no need to wait to begin your real estate journey today


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Lastly, it just makes good business sense to have a representative by your side when going through a transaction. Especially a broker with market and industry knowledge. As discussed we can save you time and money in the long run and the short term. So do not procrastinate


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