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Have you been searching for some warehouse or industrial space to no avail? Well fortunately The Office Advisors are here to help. There is no better commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. We understand the market and can get you in a location that works best for your needs. No matter what type of warehouse or flight space you need we’re here. The Office Advisors and our team professionals have been assisting businesses of all shapes and sizes in this industry. If you want to learn more about the services we offer go straight to our website. You don’t have to waste your time searching around the worldwide Web for answers.


More overcome but you might not be aware but when you’re looking online at the commercial real estate listing websites you’re not saying all of it. That’s right there is a paywall. So the general public will not have access of access to the majority of properties. Generally speaking, there are about 80% of listings hidden behind this so-called paywall. Fortunately, The Office Advisors pays for that period we’re a different type of commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. So if you were trying to list your property for sale or lease we can pay for it to be in front of the paywall. That’s right we will cover the cost to get in front of the general public. This means more eyes on your property and potentially fand potentially faster lead time on getting Is the space filled or sold


Finding the right firm for you

So don’t go with just any commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. I choose one that fits your needs and goals. If you’re looking to lease or sell your industrial portfolio or single warehouse we are the right company. Doing things differently than our competition we will the better competition we will market your property at a better rate. Also filling these vacancies more efficiently in a timely manner than the competition. They will rest on their laurels and know that someone will just come to them. However, this is not the case when you work with The Office Advisors. Our team of professionals will do the job for you what you want


Furthermore, marketing stands out from the competition by leaps and bounds. We utilize professional photography as well as 3-D tours on every listing. And as stated earlier your property will be infirmed in the paywall so that the general public can see it. This again needs more eyes on there. Also, we won’t just have a sign in your yard and hope something happens. Doing calls daily to respective clients whether to be a buyer or a tenant. The office adviser does things better than most commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta.


Take a look at our competitors

We strongly suggest you compare us to our competition. Even though we are a newer company our track record and Google reviews speak for themselves. All these reviews from customers and clients who have trusted us to represent them. Being a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta isn’t that difficult. Especially when the bar is set low for the industry as a whole. So at The Office Advisors, we are constantly moving them higher and higher in order to bring not just our agents but the entire industry up.


Traditionally if you hire a commercial real estate broker all they will do is put a sign in the yard and then call you in a year. However, this is not the case when you work with us. You will quickly see that we are bulldogs and work harder and more tenaciously than most. Understanding what you need and what you’re trying to accomplish is the goal. Then wear target store that goal and try to achieve it for you. Not wasting time by going right to work.


Starting off we must understand where you want to end your commercial real estate goals. Therefore we have an assessment and we’ll sit down or call you to go over your needs and what it is you’re trying to accomplish.


 Market update

 It’s currently the Spring of 2022. This year has seen record leasing in the metro Atlanta area for an industrial,  flex, and warehouse space. It has there’s been a rise in e-commerce as well as a need for distribution and manufacturing. Many of these companies are outgrowing their current spaces and looking for new locations. That are typically much larger new locations however, With such increased demand there is increasing competition as well as asking rental rates. Basically to have jumped 5 $6 or more on these locations. Where historically that was the total amount the base rent was.


Just to illustrate how competitive a market it is this is what happened with our commercial real estate broker in Atlanta yesterday. He’s working with a client who is a company in Brazil. They finally located space and we’re working through negotiations. After waiting over a week for a letter to come back from the landlord Arbor called him. The broker spoke and he was then informed that since there was another company looking at the lease it was gonna be a race to see who could sign the least 1st period they are going to send the leases out at identical times with no advantage to another. However, this was not Normal for them. I’m just speaking with our client we received the least bad evening.


Not realizing how undoubtedly this would be in the United States the Brazilian clients were taken aback. Especially since they thought there were legal teams going to be able to glance through this and look for pet falls or red blocks. However, this was not the case and it was going to be too much of an undertaking for them. After trying multiple attorneys here stateside we’re not able to find someone who could do it in such a short time period. After discussing with their clients they felt that it would not be in their best interest to rush through something like this. 


Making a smart business decision and stepping back from a rush decision we are going to ask for an extension even though we don’t have to be done. However, thinking through situations not rushing just after a paycheck it’s what we do. So why do we stand out and do our clients trust us to be the representation? Not just your typical commercial real estate broker in Atlanta but something different.


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 Lastly, come if you’re looking to Lisa purchase or even sell the existing industrial warehouse locations we are the company for you. Don’t work with just any commercial real estate broker in Atlanta who work with the best. The Office Advisors are standing by to pair you with the right agent. Go to our website and quit wasting your time so you can get in contact with us. There’s no time like today in order to begin your real estate journey.


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