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 CRE unique investment types

 now, if you never work with a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta before it is okay. Here at TOA Commercial, we are able to Source properties for you no matter what the uses. Especially when it comes to Unique asset types. Being a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta means you have the opportunity to work with a myriad of clients. We are highly touted because of our excellence in service as well as creativity when it comes to closing a deal. Many have chosen to work with TOA Commercial for this reason. If you do not believe us also suggest you read our Google reviews from customers and clients like you. All of them are nonbiased and honest. Visit our website today to learn more and we’re reaching us. 


 Furthermore, is important to know too that there are many different investment strategies. Some of them range from Self Storage, multifamily or traditional offices. However, many investors utilize different techniques when purchasing a commercial asset type. As a saying goes when you buy commercial real estate I said you were purchasing the leases, and the building just comes along with it. So investors will look at tenant mixes and focus solely on a certain industry type if possible. This allows them to understand a very unique market and tenant type. Thus a predictable investment can be made.


 What are some different unique strategies?

 being different can make you rich. However, utilizing a proven path to get there is also a smart option. At TOA Commercial some of our investor clients utilize a different and focused approach to tenant mixes. Therefore, they narrow in on the asset class they would like. They have trusted us as their commercial real estate broker in Atlanta as well as the southeast.


Technology-focused tenants

 furthermore, it is no secret that technology companies are profitable as well as utilize a large amount of square footage. They are also going nowhere since we have such a high focus on the future and efficiencies. Summit investor clients like to purchase commercial real estate assets that have large technology tenants. So they have entrusted TOA Commercial to be their commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. What we do is source large properties with credit tenants. Among these tenants is technology Focus.


 Moreover, the even more Niche product is that our investor group likes to purchase properties that have data centers. That is centers with large capacity and rate in a certain ranking system. There’s a company that certifies and ranks these data centers. Of course, all this is to have guidelines as well as some type of control on the market.


 The data centers are going to be utilized themselves but also have the tenants in there for a cash flow value. We have been searching throughout Tennessee, Atlanta, and Florida for these data centers. So now I’m just your typical commercial real estate broker in Atlanta but one for the southeast. Some of these buildings are extremely large with over 300,000 square feet of retail space. The numbers can be staggering on properties like this as well. A certain property was sold in 2016 at 43 million dollars. This means today it is probably increased at least 5 million in value if not more. So at TOA Commercial, we are able to take on even the biggest of transactions for you. Not your typical commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, but when you can trust to do even the largest of jobs.


 Development as investment

 another part of being a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta means we work with a lot of developers. Some of these are investors that build to sell and other wolves are built to hold. One of the strategies of another investment client is dealing with churches. Churches typically have land and another real estate they own. That’s they can be a great JV partner and both parties can profit.


 Joint ventures with churches or purchase

 Now, this particular strategy involves doing a joint venture with a charge. Meaning that they have Criterion land and would like to partner with the investor on a deal. The investor would foot the bill of development cost and building while the church would gift the land. Some of the strategies include building an active adult community or Self Storage.


TOA Commercial has been tasked to speak out about properties that match their criteria. We are looking in the Florida Market currently for these churches. We talked to them with the offer of purchasing or joint venturing on a development project. After sourcing the land the goal is to get its own property in order to build a few different asset types. Some of these assets are extremely lucrative and popular in that the current investment world.


 Active adult communities. These are generally age-restricted to 55 + individuals. They are not nursing homes but communities that are quiet and maintained in order to cater to a certain generation. They don’t allow young children on site long and have become sort of a quiet Haven for the boomer generation. With such a high population and popularity and assets like this investors are flocking. It is no secret that the Boomers have a massive population and money to spend. Therefore, it only makes good business sense to invest in a product type that will do this. As the church views it they could have a captive audience next door and grow their congregation. So it is a win-win for developers investors and churches alike.


So if you’re looking for a unique investment type and need representation. TOA Commercial is your right choice as a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta or the southeast.


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 now, we make it as simple as possible for you to reach him. All you have to do is visit our website and fill out a form or a page. Or you can pick up a good old-fashioned telephone. Each one of our licensed agents will be able to help you and work as a team to achieve your commercial real estate goals. Don’t hesitate and start achieving greater well today.


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