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 Atlanta’s Beltline or Greenway path

 now, unless you’ve been living under a rock you are aware that most of these are creating green spaces. This is no small fact to the roast of the outdoors interest. Therefore, is made good sense for developers to pay attention to this. They’re many commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta who solely work along these Pathways. The one in Atlanta is called the Beltline. It is a walking path that cuts through many of the trendiest neighborhoods. If you want to learn more about the real estate opportunities in these areas contact us. The Office Advisors are specialty Brokers. Not just your typical commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, but the best. 


 therefore, you don’t have to spend all day searching Around the World Wide Web. We make it very simple for you to reach us. Going straight to our website or search us on your internet search bar. Typically people just go straight to Google and they can find our business listing there. Also on that will be our reviews from customers and clients just like you. Unlike our competition, The Office Advisors stands out. We are a highly rated commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Understanding what is happening around the area is imperative to success.


 Going green and creating walking passing green spaces has been a large attraction for many cities. The Beltline in Atlanta is one of the shining stars of a project like this. Therefore, many Builders have focused on this area as well as Redevelopment projects.


  will the Beltline ever be finished?

 Now, we need a Savers have wondered if this walking path was actually completed. The Green Path has been under construction for many years and nearly a decade. With minis neighborhood slated for Access that seem to never come about. Furthermore, as most government projects are it is due to a lack of funding. Well, that has all recently changed. There was a large donation made in the past week by a private organization.


 This donation was very sizable and will now be the Catalyst for the Atlanta BeltLine to be completed. Cox Enterprises was the one who donated 30 million dollars for the construction of the trail. This Trail is going to be paid for. And I was also 22 Mi long. If you do not know what it is it is a giant loop around Atlanta. This gift will help the city of Atlanta finish the major portion of the Beltline.


What is the city saying?

 There’s a great quote from the mayor of Atlanta Andre Dickens. He said and we quote I’m so excited that this gift will let us finish constructing that big, beautiful circle around Atlanta. Destination made through Cox Enterprises in the James M caught foundation. For those of you who don’t know Cox Enterprises is also a locally-based company. They are a TV provider, Cox Communications, and Manheim automobile auctions are the same organization. Talk about a conglomerate right?


 Many of the city’s residents are extremely excited to see this finally be slated for completion. As soon as earlier it has been a major attraction for not only businesses but residents as well. The large portion of commercial real estate brokers that work in this area is very specialized. Understanding the ink intricacies of dealing with the city in such green space is imperative to success.


 More about the path

 play 09 Mini the Beltline is already open and there are many crowds. The Crowds Are every single day of the week as you can see. The trail has also ignited an explosion of growth in the areas that previously did not see it. Especially like the west side as well as the old Fourth Ward. It is created an increase in housing prices as well as business ventures. Create an opportunity not only for a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta but many opportunities for all.


 One of the major factors behind it was the creation of Ponce City Market. This is a massive mixed-use retail development that has office retail and restaurants. Located right off the Beltline and has become a major attraction in the city of Atlanta. Along with them, there’s been a lot of other developments as well.


 With many companies wanting to cater to their Workforce they have chosen offices along this path. Furthermore, with the increase in workers has been an influx of multifamily developers. There are many projects that line the area. Some of them are included in 915 Glenwood as well as the anthem on Ashley. However, affordable housing has been pushed out. This of course is all due to pricing.


 Now there are a few groups that have partnered with the city on creating some affordable housing in the area. There’s a new one slated to go along the Beltline whose 116 units will be classified as affordable or at least 180% of the median income. The housing authority is going to provide subsidies to shorten this Gap as well. It is expected to start Leasing the next year and hopefully be open by 2024 November.


  what about transportation?

 With Atlanta’s dated Transportation looming over us. There has been an outcry for an upgrade in the system. In addition to office retail residential development. The Beltline was reportedly planning to include a mass transit component. Just going to either include Light Rail or bus transit. 


Are there still deals?

 So do not fear that this has been a hot topic for many developers. Especially ones with Deep Pockets. The Office Advisors can guide you through your investment opportunities. We are great commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta. We’re here to advise you. Yes, there are so many deals to be had is especially in these booming areas. Where there is a development, Redevelopment, or new opportunity we are here for you. Even though it is a trendy thing to be on the Beltline is going to only be growing in popularity. Therefore it is important to have someone who understands the market and it sees its intricacies. See what many have trusted us. Not just your typical commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. The Office Advisors are different.


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