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Beginning of a working day

Starting off today I have to go by the office to get a little bit of administrative work done. Furthermore, being a busy commercial real estate broker in Atlanta requires you to do a lot of tasks during the day. Today is no exception. After having to go to the office I have a tour with a company. We’ll be visiting 3 different sites. After that have a listing appointment. I will take you along today and after each stop update you on thoughts and how it went.


Furthermore, if you are in the need of a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta we have your back. The officer has a team of individuals that are ready willing and able. Always working hard for customers and clients. You should visit our website to learn more or go right to our Google reviews.


Initial Location

 After my 1st tour today which was an office building 4 sided brick built around the eighties. The client seemed to like it but the location was decent however the fixtures and finishes were extremely gaudy. It was funny us trying to figure out what type of business was in there previously. This was because it was vacant and didn’t have a lot going on. There were insane insane chandeliers large ornate molding That’s almost stung the eyes. However, even though the location was great and it was in good condition the location was just a little too small. Especially since this company is growing rapidly. Therefore, we quickly moved on to our next location


Second Space

The 2nd location was a bit larger and had nicer finishings. However, in the other location, the exterior of the building seemed a little dated. Little dated. This being a newer company that is growing quickly they want in a better field since they have clients flying in from all over the world perform the world. The space was built out fine and there was not a lot bad to say about it. However, once again the location was just a little small for their needs.


Third and Final tour of the day

Thankfully the Wade Green Commons a newer built office park was just the right fit. Bursell synergy technologies really fell in love with this location. Previously in 2020, I toured this location with the daughter of the owner. It being newThe owner and builder of the location fitted the office suites with great fixtures and finishes. There were high ceilings which are typically not common in office parks such as this with doors that matched. The doors were maybe 9 to 10′ tall each.. Therefore it gave an open and great feeling.


At this location, there were 3 available offices to tour. Thankfully they all marry each other and layout. However, the sweet that we decided on had the most daylight in windows. Therefore, we told the landlord’s agent to sentence a proposal with the financial application. We are hoping to get a proposal by the end of today. At The Office Advisors meeting, a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta allows me to see many different types of properties. Regarding my clients on the tour, we seem to be able to find the right location for them. Not just sending out random properties and hopes that will something stick. Being a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta is how you do it.


We are now awaiting the proposal and hoping to come to quick terms in order to move my clients in and start operating their business out of the wade green common’s address.


Rounding out a busy day

Since the tours, this morning my day has continued in great momentum for the business. As a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, you must stick with your momentum. Never slow down or pause. We are able to ride the wave hopefully to success and have a greater year in growing our company. I now have just left another appointment. This appointment is for subleasing some small retail space. 


This Retail space is on the West Cobb Kennesaw line. It is a great traffic area and was formerly a painting studio. One of those studios where women come to drink and learn to paint by the numbers. You can tell the owner is in slight distress and wants to get this out from under them. They found The Office Advisors through our Google reviews. That is why we strive to put them out there and Showcase what we do for a client in a positive manner. We are hoping to least this from the owners quickly and efficiently on terms that do not financially burden them. They said they wanted a great commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, that is why they gave us a call.


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 Now coma through this store you can see why customers and clients reach out to The Office Advisors. We are being a different type of commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Therefore, clients trust us due to our reviews and unique marketing abilities. If you were looking to lease or purchase any type of commercial real estate we are the right company for you. Making it simple for you to contact us is what we do best. On our website, we have forms for you to reach us, or directly from Google, you can give us a shout. The good old tot fashioned telephone still works. We have the right commercial real estate broker in Atlanta standing by for your needs.


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