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Viewing properties during a Vacation week

 Currently, it is the first week of April the year 2022. Most of Atlanta is on spring break right now. Which made it touring yesterday with a new client a little bit difficult. Being the best commercial real estate broker in Atlanta we took no time off. Brokers were unresponsive in none of them actually showed the space to us. However, this is not unexpected. Our industry’s typically lazy and even if they have someone available they might not show up.

So what should you do? You should work with The Office Advisors for any of your commercial real estate needs. We are the right Brokers here in Atlanta for the job. All you have to do is check out our Google reviews if you don’t trust us. You can do it by just typing your name into the Google search engine or at the top of your Chrome browser. Furthermore, it’s going right or review page is not your speed you can go to our website as well. Visit our website at


 Moreover, if you’ve never worked with a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta if you’re not. The Office Advisors have a team of individuals that work harder for you than the competition. Yesterday was a long touring day with multiple clients. I’ll go into the stories and how the day went as well as examples and difficulties we ran into.


  client number one boba tea

 starting off my morning I met one of my clients at a warehouse location. They are a bubble tea franchise out of Thailand. The Office Advisors is their primary broker here in the US. They are trying to franchise the opportunities around the United States and they have chosen the best commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. What we’re looking for today was not a storefront location. However, it was a location for them to store and possibly trained as well as have it goes kitchen. So this was an industrial warehouse space that is currently vacant. Located off Peachtree Industrial Boulevard in the Norcross area.


The initial location was a little bit unique as well. It wasn’t a traditional resume setup. However, it was taking the model of we to work at Regency centers. Which is a co-working space. However, they were making this an industrial set of general office use. What arriving the door was locked since it is a co-working space everyone has key cards for entry. I was supposed to be greeted by the property manager for the site. Unfortunately, that was not the case.


 The party stood outside waiting for a while and then started calling. The commercial real estate broker that was working with them as our partner read more. What he did was continually call the number for the individual that was assigned to Tour us.  fortunately, after 10 to 15 minutes of waiting calls, we were allowed entry by one of the tenants. So we waited at the front to continue to call the manager. As a commercial real estate broker did she finally called him back. Informing him that she would not be attending the to be a self-guided tour.


 She continually went on about how she was at the other location today as well. However, we knew this was not the truth because we had here a child in the background as well as going on. Fortunately, the tenants were quick thinking as well as their commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. They were able to give themselves a quick guided tour even with the corporate individuals from Thailand in town. I’m sure they thought I was a little strange but they seem to get the idea and understand that it was not our fault. 


After touring around the space we were greeted by the same tenant to let it allow us entry. He’s an older gentleman that works on typewriters. He then shows a few of the amenities as well as told us how much he actually enjoyed being there. Which was a good selling point as well that the tenants were friendly as this is something most lessers care about.


Working on Tour Number Two

 From there we went to the second location where again we had no commercial real estate broker in Atlanta to tour. Except for the one retained by our tenants. That is why The Office Advisors are trusted they don’t take time off and we’re always here for you in a pinch. At the second location though it was not filled out as needed however the space could be converted into their needs. Furthermore, they were able to see the vision and be a space they could grow into. From there I left them and what on to my next location farther south in Atlanta.


Viewing spaces with the second client for the day

 damn, I was contacted by the second client for the day. They were waiting early to the first tour location. So we met up for the first time face to face. This client is a candy store operator with event space focused on little girls’ birthdays as well as speaking events. It’s a very unique concept indeed.


The initial spot

The first location was not ideal. As in the previous spots, the other commercial real estate broker in Atlanta did not show. Therefore it’s up to us to actually locate the space as well as gain entry. After wandering around the large shopping center for a moment we finally located the correct sweet. It was hidden and not in a great location. Therefore, The Office Advisors client chairs kind of immediately to not go with this location.


 We didn’t hop in the car and drove North to the Alpharetta Milton area. From there the second location seemed to pique her interest a lot more. We were able to gain access again through the lockbox and self-toured ourselves around inside. she didn’t know I was able to FaceTime her business partners as well or Subspace. Forcibly this base is built out in something that could be easily converted into her vision.


Number Three 

 Now the Third location was another lockbox situation that we weren’t able to find immediately. Fortunately, the other broker answered the phone and was able to guide us to where it was exactly. After walking to the space we realize that it was a complete job and had to be converted to her vision. It will not fit the time that she was aiming for.

So we quickly cross this one off the list as well. Then after thinking about the third and final location for the day we did not even go to work. So it would not fit her timeline as well we figured we focus on the ones we could at hand. As well as narrow the search criteria to Alpharetta or Milton area. The service you get when working with The Office Advisors is unparalleled. We have the best commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta and that’s why our clients trust us.


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