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Checklists help you be successful

It takes a particular person to be successful in your work. It doesn’t matter if you are completely focused to be a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. However, these traits are evident no matter what industry you’re in. When you initially become an agent with The Office Advisors things are different. We make sure you are onboard and properly so you can be set up for success in your career. Unlike our competition, we care about you as an agent. So from the onset, you will go through a checklist that is important to complete. Here at The Office Advisors, things are different. So, if you want to join us or explore career options, check out our website today. www.theofficeadvisors.com 


When you come to work for The Office Advisors you’ll be onboarded through a checklist. Checklists are extremely important and useful. They are extremely useful because it lets you know what needs to be accomplished for the day. Have a task at hand instead of blindly going through what you think needs to be accomplished. Unlike your traditional commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, we care about our agents. Therefore, it only makes good sense to work with us. So if you are in the market or want to explore a new career contact us today.


 We have a lot of checklists

 you might be asking yourself why is this important. It is important because if you are a new agent and things feel like they’re slipping through the cracks you can always refer back to this. With a busy industry and business always happening quickly things can get lost. Therefore, a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta refers to their checklist. Whether this is your onboarding or your daily tasks sheet. It is also a psychological win when you were able to scratch or check something off the list.


 Starting with your  onboarding

As a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta that is trying to stand out, we make sure our onboarding is done quickly and efficiently. each task has its own importance to it. Once all these are completed you should be set up for success in order to start making money for yourself and your family. It doesn’t matter what type of Industry it is. Starting a new job can be scary. However, at The Office Advisors, we try to make it as simple to understand. As well as not foreboding.


Step one

 the initial and most important one when a joining our company is to have your license with us.  Having your real estate license at the correct brokerage is important. You’re not able to practice or get paid unless we are holding your license. In the past, it would be called hanging your license at your Brokers. And they would actually have it framed and up on the wall. 


However, with the internet and Technology, things have changed. We were able to hold your license utilizing the Georgia real estate commission’s website. All you have to do is in writing inform us that you would like us to take it. We will do this in order for you to begin. so if you want to work with the best commercial real estate broker in Atlanta let us hold your license.

 Step 2

 the second task that needs to be done is your email. Since we are a technology base company a lot is riding on your email. Doesn’t matter what software you use typically it is all linked to your company email. This will be your name with The Office Advisors.com to follow. So if you want to start working and be set up for Success we must get your email done. Trying to make things simple and legible is what we do at The Office Advisors. Therefore your email would be done so you can start practicing as a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta.


 step 3

 step 3 is extremely important if you are a new agent. Especially if you were wanting to focus on the tenant representation side. Recently The Office Advisors started utilizing a new company. This company is a lead-generation organization. Therefore, your team lead will set you up on it tenantbase.com. Tenantbase is able to farm leads in you are given a minimum number of them. So if you want to be a successful commercial real estate broker in Atlanta you must start working on lead generation.


Step 4

 the fourth step in our checklist of onboarding is your orientation. Now, you might be asking yourself what I already going through in orientation to be a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. That is correct. However, this one lets you know a little bit more about the company and we go through your handbook. Also, your sales training must be completed. The Sales training will make sure you understand your task as well as your daily checklist and what needs to be done to accomplish them.


Step 5

 the fifth step is getting your bio written. We want to celebrate you and let the world know a little bit about you. As a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, it is important that people trust you. They light connecting on a personal level as well. So if you want to be successful as important to have a little about you section. We put this on the website as well as our social media platforms. Selling yourself is what you were going to have to do in this industry. As well as our organization. So it only makes good business sense for you to understand what you are as a person and where you’re trying to go.


 Step six

 as a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta that focuses on technology, security is important. That is why entering or office is key-coded. We have hi-tech locks that are camera as well as fingerprint operated if we want to. So we set you up to make sure that you can get in securely without letting unwanted individuals into the building.


  step seven

 the seventh item on your checklist wouldn’t do your CRM. Or customer relationship management software. This is how you can track your contacts as well as clients. If you are better with a spreadsheet that is okay. We also have this set up an order for you to track emails. Tracking emails is an important task so you can make sure that people are reading as well as paying attention to what you were sending. He’s not all of our tasks but just some of the important ones.


Contact Us 

 So, even if your business is successful and your career is stable but looking for another shop. The Office Advisors want to be the number one in Atlanta. Therefore, we are looking for a players-only. You can visit our website to learn more and get in contact with us. We have a careers page and we’re always hiring top people that are motivated.


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