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Not equally number one

There are many companies that call themselves the best. Especially, if you are dealing with a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. However, there can only be one that stands out. That of course is The Office Advisors. We are a team of professionals that strive to do better not only by our customers but for the industry as a whole. Noticing that there is a lacking and customer service throughout the Atlanta area we set out to change that period our founders are constantly pushing the needle forward on a howl Brokers and agents alike interact with customers. You don’t believe us all you have to do is check out our Google reviews.


Furthermore, instead of wasting your time searching around the world wide web, you go right to our website. On our homepage, it makes it easy to see what we are different than the competition. The competition. Our counterparts in the industry have boring outdated websites. Now, we all know a website doesn’t mean everything. However, it can give you insight now that the company operates as well as if they’re technologically focused as well as customer service might appear to you it as soon as you come to our landing page you’ll quickly see that we care about the customer. 


Many of you might be questioning how can this be translated through a homepage. Well unlike most commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta we make it user-friendly. There there is a video welcoming you as well as a form on the front page. On this form, you can fill out what your needs are or even gas. The office advises will then try to pair you with the right commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on our team. We want you to be successful therefore we take the time in order to understand what you’re trying to accomplish.


Assessing your needs

 Starting off you would get your free consultation or assessment. This is when we ask you a series of questions. A good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta will take the time to understand your goals as well as ask you questions about what you are trying to accomplish. Not just taking some basic information but really understanding you as a company and a person. The officer stands out in this manner because we really do care.


 Without understanding where we’re trying to go, you cannot set up a clear path. When working with the office of advisers most of our customers liked that we take the time to understand what it is they’re really trying to accomplish. Much. If we don’t know what your info is you’re in goal as we can’t help you. However, will give you resources in order to you to put down your goals in a visualized or paper manner. This will help get it out there and maybe help you personally organize it.


How we help others

 Recently one of our founders helped a start-up company find and negotiate its 1st location. This was a candy company and girls’ event center period from contact to conception and leasing signing was 14 days. This is accomplished by our agent taking the time to understand what it really was that the new business wanted to accomplish. He then sent them business plan templates as well as a lookbook technology. This looks like a template to help put her thoughts down and sell the idea to a landlord. Even when it is a start-up landlords like to see that you have a thoughtless thrill. Especially so they know that it is going to be a Profitable situation for them and you have thought out your business scenarios.


Having the lookbook declined today’s phenomenal job and was able to get multiple landlords interested in providing space for her. Now she has located a space signed the lease and is moving towards construction. This would not have been possible if it was not for the assessment and the time that this commercial real estate broker took to help them.


A second example is when a buyer for a multi-family contacted one of our agents on LinkedIn. He told her that he was having trouble working with other commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta. She said do not worry about what is it that you need. They drill down to his needs and goals on the type of property he would like. She then went above and beyond and was able to source property for him quickly and efficiently. While others commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta were sitting on the sidelines she was able able to get a newly wealthy client.


After sourcing property that matches their needs, they put in a letter of intent to purchase the building. After numerous phone calls and another commercial real estate broker being extremely rude to her they realized it was not gonna be a good fit just based off the seller’s attitude and the other agent on the end. However, the same agent was able to source more properties quickly and efficiently for their client. Making them happy as well as confident in The Office Advisors. If you check out our Google reviews you will see that this is a common theme. Each one of our commercial real estate agents in the area will go above and beyond for the client. Making sure that we understand their needs and focus on what they are trying to accomplish.


Working with another firm?

 So if you’re currently working with another commercial real estate broker in Atlanta and you’re not happy fear not. Typically you’re easily able to break the contract if you even have one. However, don’t do it just don’t based off reading this article. Do you research 1st and you can even speak to us. We will gladly help guide you and let you know some pitfalls that may come about. If you feel like you’re not being taken care of to the utmost industry standard definitely reach out to us. We are standing by and love helping businesses of all shapes and sizes.


This commercial real estate broker in Atlanta has experience working from a bubble tea franchise to an indoor playground to a massive industrial cleaning company. We are here to help you and we’ll go over every step of the transaction so you fill it these. Don’t work with just any other commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Work with the office advisers for the best results possible.


Contact us

 Fortunately for you, we make it as simple as possible for you to get in contact with us. And we are easily reachable through our website or the goal fashion telephone. There are forms on our website and homepage for you to fill out in order for you to be paired with the correct commercial real estate broken Atlanta for your needs. Do not hesitate, this market is moving quickly and who knows how long spaces will be available. We are calling on space every day that has already been taken.


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