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 taxes can change so your strategy must

 if you are a commercial real estate investor or developer taxes are a major issue for you. Doesn’t matter how much you make but the risk is always high when dealing with large Investments. Is important to have a team around you who understands your level of exposure. Many have trusted The Office Advisors to be their commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta. Whether they are looking for land to develop or purchasing an asset. Do not waste your time searching around the world wide web for subpar representation. Go straight to our website to get in touch with the right commercial real estate broker in Atlanta for your needs. www.theofficeadvisors.com


 Furthermore, there’s the uncertainty about what. This of course is due to fear as well as the exposure we have recently seen. With high inflation and Rising interest rates, it is important to be positioned for the future. Having a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta by your side can help you do this. The Office Advisors is constantly advising investors of all shapes and strategies. Therefore, it only makes good business sense to go with us. You can also check out our Google reviews to see what people are saying about us. All these are vetted and customers or clients from our commercial real estate Ventures.


 A recent tax bill

 unsurprisingly Democrats have introduced another bill to increase taxes. However, it is called something that is easy to sell to the public. It is thrown into the inflation reduction Act of 2022. They brand these bills and hide other things inside them. Braiding a bill with something called the inflation reduction act makes anyone opposed to it sound heartless. Therefore, they are able to try to sneak language in that cannot change the entire landscape of the business economy. Especially when it comes to real estate and even harsher commercial real estate.


 The two Democrats that are trying to force this bill down our throat our Senator Joe mocking of Virginia and Chuck Schumer. What they are trying to do has broad language that would change the tax law as it refers to carried interest. It will now be treated as ordinary income if this passes. Which will create a 17% increase on someone’s taxes who is involved in this. The amount of your income that is taxed goes from 20% to 37%. 


 what is carried interest?

 Carried interest is a favorite tool of many investors and general partners. when referring to commercial real estate they are dealt with by private Equity, hedge funds, and venture capital. The tool that they would use is to take a share of profits as dealmakers, and not investors. Meaning they were taxed on capital gains for their treatment.


 what this will do is discourage many people from using equity financing, as well as Text Sweat Equity, and discourage people from pursuing their business vision. Moreover, it will encourage debt. During this time of slow economic growth. People who invest in this strategy create a massive exposure for them they’re taking on high risk. They can be sued and lose everything. Creating a higher taxable amount on the income will discourage any smart individual from trying to continue this pattern of investing. As well as creating business ventures that are profitable. Having an understanding of the tax code is imperative to your success When developing real estate. Whether you were an investor or broker it is important for your clientele. That is why at The Office Advisors we dive into articles like this. standing out from our competition as a trusted commercial real estate broker in Atlanta.


What is happening with the gross domestic product

 recent numbers that came out of the United States Commerce Department have shown our GDP is edging closer to the recession definition. Especially since there have been two quarters of consecutive gross domestic product decline. However, the officials from the Commerce Department did note that the numbers that were published are only in the advance estimate. The final number will be more complete with data being released on August 25th of this year. However, if the decline does continue it would stay on trend for the 1.6% decline in the first quarter.


 Many are saying that this is because of a decrease in the private inventory investment. With residential and non-residential investment and spending by the state local as well as Federal governments. However, some of this was offset. The offset came from an increase in consumer spending as well as exports.


 Of course, many corporate executives, as well as analysts, say that we are in a recession or heading towards a downturn. Inflation is creating a frenzy of fear since food gas and other consumer goods are out of control. Also according to the early numbers from the United States Commerce Department, the inflation rate is up 2% from the first quarter. Is important to understand that commercial real estate will be affected as well. That is why many have trusted The Office Advisors as their commercial real estate broker in Atlanta.


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 Do not fear, commercial real estate will be around even in the future. Many have trusted The Office Advisors as their commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Looking for guidance through uncertain times as what we can provide. All you have to do is visit our website so we can begin the journey of assessing your needs. Always a free assessment no obligation to lease or buy. Therefore, it only makes good business sense to have a representative on your side. Instead of fearing for the future start preparing. Whether you’re a business that occupies space or an investor looking to create wealth. The Office Advisors can assist. Let us be your commercial real estate broker in Atlanta.


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