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Fortunately, if you’re in the market for a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta then you found the right one. Here at The Office Advisors we always go above and beyond for a clientele. Not just sticking a sign out in the yard and hoping for the best. The officer’s in our team of licensed professionals will make sure that your property is leased or sold. No matter what your goal is we have the marketing and the drive to get it done quickly and efficiently. Do not hesitate I’m visiting our website today to learn more. Or.


Now, if you have worked with a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta previously your experience might not have been the greatest. At the very least you didn’t rave about your broker I can almost assure you that period well things are here differently when working with that period we employ you to check out our Google reviews to see that period always bringing the energy and fun behind the entire transactional process. Each one of our commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta strives to do things better. We have the experience for all to be a great one here. Therefore, we go above and beyond and don’t just sit lazily hoping something will happen.


How does marketing in different ways help?

 Now, putting a sign does help on a listing. So we’re advertising your property for sale or for lease putting a sign out is a great tactic. However, it is one of the most old-school ones. Therefore, most individuals searching for the property might not even see it. Understanding that the majority of people and companies out there utilize the Internet to search for everything from gfor everything from groceries to property. The Office Advisors puts all of our marketing efforts in each Box. Not just putting things online or signing but utilizing different tools and tactics and our Arsenal.


One of them is if there’s a building with multiple tenants we will go and talk to all the tenants. An example of that is we have a small retail suite for lease currently. Actually, it is for sublease. The current tenant has had to shut down their business. Covid was hard on them especially since the business relied on in-person activities. It was a painting studio. One of the art studios where you could come have cocktails with friends and learn to do some artwork. A great concept. However Ever, the lockdown’s made it Hell on this as well as some restrictions. Therefore, it is time for them to move on. So they have contacted us in order to find a tenant to replace them.


Today the commercial real estate broker in Atlanta that is listing to property we’ll go meet the tenants that are neighbors. Speaking to them and letting them know about the available space. This can help benefit the client because the current tenants might want to expand. Therefore, it will make it an easy sale in the last time on the market and last money out of the current tenant’s pocket. We want to do things efficiently so it saves everybody time and money.


While meeting the other tenants in the area we will drop off fliers and let them know about the space and its current condition. Also offering tours if they want to view the vacant suite. It is currently 1400 ft² and that’s what we said earlier bill Todd as an art studio. So it’s basically a Blake canvas. No pun intended.


 However, comments are not guaranteed until a small center that a tenant might be wanting to expand at that location. Fortunately, the current tenants have already spoken to one of the neighbors who is a pizza restaurant. Good, they might be interested in leasing the space and they will be 1 of the 1st visits I make today. If you want a commercial real estate broker willing to go above and beyond in Atlanta then we are the right company for you. The officers will do anything and put themselves in situations to make sure that our clients are taken care of and every option is exhausted.


Our general online marketing efforts

 While a sign to do the doorknocking is also a great tactic we utilize the Internet. Having search engine optimization as well as keywords that push your property out in a more succinct manner. We want you to be successful and we are willing to have the property out there marketing to the masses. So we spend money upfront in order to cover the marketing cost


At The Office Advisors, every listing gets put in front of the paywall. Does a paywall exist for nonsubscribers of some of the commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta’s listing website? So a general consumer searching for property online might only see 20% of the properties that are currently available. When you work with The Office Advisors we make sure that every consumer and broker will be able to view your property.


Now, if you are in the business of hiring a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta then we hope you check us out. Go to our website to learn more about none only our services but the team as well. Moreover, even if you do not choose to go with us we highly suggest you have representation.


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 Lastly, it is important that you reach out to us. Especially if we have not already spoken to you we must know that you need help. If you want the best commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on your side then you will reach out to us. The officer buys just standing by to help you with all of your commercial real estate needs. Not just a firm that will put a sign in the yard and talk to in a year. We’re here to assist you and your goals and investment disposing of as well as leasing. Call or visit our website and fill out of form today.


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 The Office Advisors and our team of organizations can help you with all your real estate needs. We also have a residential arm and a development company. We can build you your dream home or your dream office remove this period don’t hesitate but reach us today.