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Finding the best is not hard

 Trying to become the best commercial real estate broker in Atlanta is difficult. However here at The Office Advisors, we do things differently. That is why we stand out from our competition. You don’t believe us just go check out our Google reviews. They are from clients and customers just like you. We put it all out there to Showcase ourselves. Making sure that we are constantly staying on top of being the best we can. That is why The Office Advisors in our team of professionals are here to assist you. Always going above and beyond what is expected. however, it is not difficult to be better than the competition when the ceiling is quite low. If you want to learn more about our services you can visit our website. 


 Furthermore, it is easy to see that we stand out amongst our peers because we Market better as well as provide a greater service. Therefore, it is just good business sense to work with us. Even, if you have to interview a multitude of people that get to us we are right. What you do should not be wasting time on real estate. If you are a business owner or investor you should have the professionals take this off your shoulders. Let us free you up to do what you do best. That is run your business.


 Differentiating from the competition

 Now, at The Office Advisors, we do things differently. That is because each one of our commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta follows a system in a process. Have you ever thought to yourself it is easy to do with what a real estate professional does? And then you try to do it and it becomes extremely frustrating. We understand! Especially if you tried contacting your broker before. Typically our industry is not the most responsive. Some see this as a good thing wow you must be in this realm in order to think so. However, customers and clients do not think this is a great concept. So we step out of their comfort zone and try to create a better experience for all.


 Moreover, we do a lot more than our competition is willing to do for you. Especially if you were listing to your space for lease or for sale.  Our listening marketing is untouched unparalleled in the industry. Especially if you’ve ever worked with a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta before you know this is not hard to do. Unlike our competition, we don’t just put a sign in the yard. And hope that someone from our Network purchases at or an unrepresented buyer or lessor comes along.


Us vs. our Peers in the Industry 

 Let’s take a look at what makes us different and compare it to our competition. At The Office Advisors, we do something that we called geek marketing. What is geek marketing you might ask? Well, it is a total of a bunch of things that we put together in order to make your property stand out As well as get front of the most size possible. Guarantee that one of these will be the right individual for your property.


 Now, what is included in the geek marketing? Starting off it is the SEO or search engine optimization. What we do is every day a few articles or put on her website totaling over 1000 words apiece. This is an order or so Google thinks we are the number one experts on Commercial Real Estate. As well as the number one commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. So what this means for you is people searching for property around the Metro Atlanta area go to Google. They type in something like multifamily for sale in Georgia. This then will pop up our website at one of the tops of the list. If they don’t want to go to a traditional listing website and get frustrated with their software they visit us. So this is just a fancy way of making sure that search engines are finding us quickly and efficiently. We want to be the experts in commercial real estate when people search they find us quickly. 


Walkthrough Virtually 

 Next, we do virtual tours. Part of the search engine optimization will drive traffic to our website. This is where virtual tours are posted as well as on the other listing platforms. However, our competition does not do that. We strive to do the newest and best uses of technology. In order to get the right user visiting in checking out your property. Also, there are retargeting ADS. We utilize retargeting ads unlike other commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta. We guarantee our competition is not thinking about this. So if you check out a property on one of the websites and then follow you around the internet. That is what I read targeting at is.



 Furthermore, we provided drone photography. Of course, this is only done when necessary and makes sense. As well as legal. Since the advent of drones, it has been able to create a unique marketing experience for properties in the especially land. However, there are FAA regulations that go along with this. We apply here to all FAA guidelines and regulations. So if it makes sense and we are able to do it we will do drone photography for your property.


 Sticking with the photography note as well we do professional photography for our listings. Now, if you have ever had you search online for commercial real estate you will see that it was most likely an extremely old photo of a building. From there it is hard to sell a client on that. So if someone is looking around the internet for your building and it was the same photo of when it was built in 1984 it’s not going to do much to sell it. Especially if it has been renovated and is completely different in updating it. The Office Advisors make sure we show your property in the truest and best light. Want it to stand out amongst the competition. 


Paying so the market can view

Lastly, what is included in the geek marketing is we put your property in front of the paywall. Now all of our listings get a minimum of silver status on Lieutenant is a listing website that I’m sure you’ve come across if you ever search for commercial real estate. Or maybe you search for a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. This site most likely came to the pop-top of the page. Is the number one data aggregate source for commercial real estate in the entire world. Therefore, it just makes good business sense to market your property in front of the table. This payroll exists for individuals that are nonlicensed or users of LoopNet. So if you have a free account you’re only seeing typically 20% of the property that is advertised for sale or lease. Knowing that The Office Advisors put your property in front of this wall will help you rest assured leave that your property is getting the most exposure it possibly can.


 Now, let’s talk about the other guys. What does the competition marketing strategy look like? Well if you’re a typical commercial real estate broker in Atlanta it’s something like this. We signed a contract. I then put a sign out in front of the building or on the land. Then I use the original Costar’s photos and put them online. That’s it isn’t that boring and slow? So just makes good business sense to market with The Office Advisors. Especially if you want your property sold quicker and more efficiently. Get the best marketing behind you in the industry. Don’t hire just any commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Contact The Office Advisors.


Contact us

 we make it easy here to get in touch with us. All you have to do is visit our website today or pick up the old-fashioned telephone give us a call. We want to speak to you on your terms and understand what you’re doing here at the office if I usually work as a team. So we will try to place you with the best commercial real estate broker in Atlanta for your needs. Reach out to us to begin your real estate journey.


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