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 can you sell commercial real estate quickly?

 Now if you’ve never worked with a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta that is okay. However, I’m sure you are aware that large commercial real estate properties do not move quickly. Especially since the price tag is high. We’ll let me tell you that is not always the case. If you work with TOA Commercial we can get it done typically in 90 to 100 days.

That is right we can sell your property from signing the listing agreement to closing in 9200 days. This is typically unheard of and there’s a certain path we take in order to do this. If you want to read more just visit our website and you can find out a little bit more about our process. Or you can read on and I will explain in short what we do to get your property sold and non-contingent offers put on the asset.

 Furthermore, TOA Commercial which was formerly known as the office advisors has some of the highest-rated reviews in the Atlanta metro area. Unlike a traditional commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, we focus on the customer. Whether that be a tenant or a landlord trying to sell a property. Doesn’t matter how large or small you are we give the same service. Check out our Google reviews from customers and clients alike.

These are all verified as well as honest opinions of our service. We have a team of advisors that help investors, tenants, and landlords attain their commercial real estate goals. So if you’re looking for a different type of commercial real estate broker in Atlanta you have found it.


 What tactics do we use to get the property sold?


 now, if you’ve ever dealt with a commercial real estate transaction you may be skeptical. That is okay because many of our customers are. However, do you weigh commercials unlike your run-of-the-mill commercial real estate broker in Atlanta? We utilize technology as well as our resources in order to get the job done. Now, this process is not for everyone but trust me if you want to sell your property and get it done quickly without a headache this is the right Avenue for you. So just buckle up and read on to learn more.


 Utilizing the TenX platform


Starting off a lot of negative emotions arise when you talk about an auction website. Especially the comes to commercial real estate assets. However, that is not the case when working with TOA Commercial. We utilize what many call an auction website. The truth of the matter is that it is a bidding website. All of these buyers are pre-vetted and have a limit on how much they can offer up as a purchase price. So instead of having random people put bids on your property. All of the investors are pre-qualified through an arduous intensive Financial analysis.


 The team at 10x utilizes Financial records histories to verify the purchasing power of the individual. They give them a hundred and 10% of the amount of cash they have on hand in order to bed. They do this in order to make the process seamless as well as competitive. So if you’re looking for a non-contingent offer and a quick process then you should check us out.

 Coming up with a price

 It all starts with the initial analysis. Your property will not fit this model if you have an unrealistic price on what the market will bring. Initially when you contact You Away commercial one of our licensed commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta will do an analysis of the property. We do this through cops as well as financial analysis of what the property is producing. It is okay if this is an owner-user property with no tenants.


 Once we come up with our price it is up to you the seller to verify if this is something you were comfortable with. However, it is important to understand that if we’re utilizing the TenX platform their team of analysts will do the same in-depth dive. All parties want to make sure that your property is shown in the best light. When selling a commercial real estate asset is important to make it stand out from the crowd. So as a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, we focus on price as well as marketing materials.


 Once the team at 10x comes back with their analysis a reserve price is agreed upon. This is only up to you as the seller to agree and go forward with. Remember this is all data-driven and comes from years of experience with a team of individuals behind it. So we’re not just throwing a number out there hoping it will be attained. Many times the reserve is slightly lower than what the seller is wanting to it get out of the property. However, it is important to understand that when people are bidding on a property the emotions get in the way. So we set a reserve without the potential buyers knowing what it is.


 However, on the day of the auction once the reserve is met the individuals are notified. This typically creates a slight bidding war and we’ll bump up the price and move forward on the sale.


  Advertising behind it

 now, once a new exclusive is signed and we have agreed to a price the marketing and strategy go into place. Typically for 30 to 45 days, you will have the most robust Marketing Systems behind you. Not only does TOA Commercial do its marketing, but TenX does as well. We work together as a team utilizing the most robust commercial real estate strategies out there. 


 now, having a robust Marketing System as well as multiple people behind you will get the property sold or at least in from the right buyers fast. We do multiple ways of marketing it. Besides the internet and great photography. There are also traditional ways of marketing. We go through our entire network of buyers and investors.


 Furthermore, utilizing email marketing blasts and good old-fashioned signs. There may be traditional things that don’t produce as many results but the best part is to put them in front of as many people as possible. The one you work with TOA commercial and tonight we will get your property sold quickly and efficiently


 No headache  selling

 a major concern that many sellers have is on will it close. They feel like they go through an entire process and get excited over the beds and then what happens? The good thing is as a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta We Stand by everything we do. So when these bids happen all of these buyers are contractually obligated to purchase the property. They are also non-contingent offers. That means there is no more due diligence or information needed and they have to purchase the property in the asses condition. So it doesn’t sound like a great idea? Of course, it does get started today to sell your property quickly and efficiently.


  contact us

 now all you have to do is reach out to TOA Commercial. As a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, we want to assist you and be your advisor through the entire sales process. Go to our website and fill out a form or pick up the good old-fashioned telephone. We are standing by and we’ll connect you with a licensed commercial real estate broker in Atlanta.


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