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Being unprepared is frightening 

When you started as a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta was it scary? Especially if you started off as a junior and had no background in sales. Or maybe even you did have a background, but with very little training. Here at The Office Advisors, things are different. So if you’re looking for a career in real estate and want to go the commercial route check this out. We provide IT training as well as resources to make sure your career is successful. Instead of wasting time searching Around the World Wide Web all you have to do is go straight to our website. There are many competitors out there and you can get lost in the crowd. 


 Fortunately, if you choose to start your career at The Office Advisors things will be different. We provide what we call the cells Warrior training. This is a sale where your manual will prepare you at least in the mindset of what it takes to get the job done. Being a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta takes dedication and hard work. It also takes smarts and tactics. Therefore, we want our agents and Brokers to be successful and have a great Foundation. Even if you are not new to the industry our sales training in methods will help prepare you for the right thing. 


Being set up for success and always learning is what makes a great agent. Here are The Office Advisors we are always looking for people looking to better themselves. Therefore, if you are a motivated individual who wants to accelerate your career where the right shop for you. Don’t just work for any commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Choose one that fits right with your values as well as provides the Resources for you to achieve them.


 How to accomplish your goals

 Diving into the middle you will see that this industry is 100% commission-based. For you as an agent, every day is feast or famine. Choose Feast as a sales Warrior. It’s your job to generate Revenue here as well as wherever you’re at. If you’re an individual that needs motivation maybe you cannot find it here. When you answer the phone for customers you must understand that you are the reason the customer will either book or not book. You are Sales Warrior and you can break every deal with how you interact from the start. Therefore you will not be allowed to answer and burn sales calls live until you have proven to leadership that you thoroughly know and understand the system.


 Make sure you understand the system and actually is what we care about. Therefore there is a lot of onboarding and training that goes into this. Being an enthusiastic individual even if you are not for that day is understandable. However to be successful in sales, especially as a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. You must be ready to take on the day and push through the feelings that you might have. Walking to the door on a daily basis you must put on your work suit and turn into your super sales Warrior self.


 Moral compass

 Sales ethics is extremely important in our industry. There are not many people who always carry them to a high standard. However, if you work at The Office Advisors you were held to the high cells ethics standards. Everything that we do at The Office Advisors is based upon Napoleon Hill’s classic self-help book title Think and Grow Rich. That’s it would be very wise of you to read it and thoroughly understand this book before beginning to work at The Office Advisors. However, without making you read this book we want to hammer home key points that pertain to selling.


Point 1

 Starting off one of The first points we want to hit on is only engaging in mutually beneficial sales transactions. Every transaction must benefit both the client and the company, The Office Advisors. We are a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta that strives to do things differently. So we must go above and beyond to deliver what we promised and work even harder to ensure our clients are pleased with our services. If this mutually beneficial transaction is not going to encourage and we should not proceed with it.


Point 2

 Secondly, we will over-deliver all of our services to every client. Here at The Office Advisors, we are founded on the principle of over-delivering. We must exceed and not only meet with the client’s expectations are. This will be poised for growth and happy customers will communicate to everyone they know about exceptional customer service. This will continually focus on over-delivering with each client and will continually be in demand. If we fell even wants to me to customers’ standard we are set up to decrease the size and validity. Do not shit where you eat do not treat customers badly not even once.


Point 3

 The third bullet we believe is that enthusiasm is contagious. Every day we want to create an energy every single day that will push momentum forward. Thus, here there is no belief in having down days. So if you do not have your phone ringing for inbound leads you must create your own. Therefore you must call outbound customers in order to create a business. What’s going on is created you will feel it every agent will be charged and everyone becomes better than the last. The clients can hear it and feel the enthusiasm and we are more likely to retain your services. Keeping enthusiasm up and commissions will be even greater.



 On the 4th note oh, we are likely to believe that the fastest way to grow your business is by helping other businesses grow. Here at The Office Advisors, we understand the law of success we understand that in order to grow quickly a mastermind network mutually beneficial marketing team of 9 employees must be assembled in the only way to do that is to refer other businesses and former clients’ businesses. He referred to other businesses they will almost always reciprocate usually in Greater Mount and we originally said the business. Every call and presentation was in with the recommendations to other related businesses we have a relationship with.


Point 5

On the 5th note, we do not use negativity to sell. We never say anything negative about a competitor, past client, or Bender. Whenever you’re working on The Office Advisors team negativity is not tolerated. Negativity is a momentum killer and his unproductive and I’ll also always come back to haunt us.


Point 6 

The sixth and final thing about our ethics is. We never apply hardcore pressure to clients. This world is filled with high-pressure, jackass social media influencers used car salesman types. Everyone who has dealt with this hates it and this is why we must separate ourselves from the salesman. We are advisors and that’s what we must do. In order to do this, you must develop a personal relationship with each and every one of our clients as much as possible. We must let them know we sincerely desire to get to know them and their businesses. We want to advise them and a high level on the real estate needs. In order to do this, you must build a great pace relationship. 


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So if you’re looking to launch your commercial real estate broker career in Atlanta check this out. Or maybe you’re even trying to search for a new home to hide your license. He also advises always looks very experienced agents as well. Don’t just let yourself alter at another firm. Come work at The Office Advisors in order to advance your career as a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. 


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