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The institutions adapt slowly or not at all

 Now, traditionally the commercial real estate field is slow to change. Especially when the docking new technology. The industry is dominated by older men who do not like to change what they’re doing. Therefore, it takes a company like the office advisors to stand out. We stand behind our reviews and put them out there. I like our competition who either doesn’t have reviews or not many we stand behind our house.  so instead of wasting your time searching around the world wide web for an Atlanta commercial real estate broker. All you have to do is visit our website. You can also check out our Google reviews to learn what customers are saying about us.


 Furthermore, it is important to know that all these are verified in from customers and clients alike. We provide a service that is vital to business success. As well as many Industries. Whether you are a startup or an investor The Office Advisors are here to assess. We have a team of professionals that can guide you through the transaction. Not just your typical commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. We adapt to technology and how end users are interacting with commercial real estate.


Showcasing ourselves online is important

 Therefore, we think it’s important to have a very strong internet presence. Let us ask you a question. Before you buy something or engage with the service what do you do? I guarantee you the first thing you do is read reviews or Google that company. A study a few years ago showed that 98% of people looked at reviews before deciding. 


However, it seems that our industry as a whole is slow to adapt to this. If you look at some of the largest commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta as well as the world it becomes apparent. Here each one of our commercial real estate professionals stands by their service. They must have a service-minded attitude and that is why we stand out amongst our competition.


 Going through some of the reviews to verify.

 This is why so many people trust us. It is because we have reviews that are real and honest from our clients. Each commercial real estate broker in Atlanta is their own business. However, when you work with The Office Advisors we are a team and work is a family. We compounded our excellence in order to leverage it. Therefore it just makes good business sense to trust verified individuals who work with us in the past.


 About the clientele

  Moreover, not every single Kleiner customer leaves a review. That is okay. However, we encourage all of them to do so especially if they hadn’t experienced it worth sharing. We will go through some of these and explain the situation. As well as which commercial real estate broker in Atlanta they were working with. That way if anyone is interested it’ll put context to a review.


New to commercial real estate

 starting off one of our most recent reviews was harm an individual named Pat. Pat is new to the commercial real estate side of the business. However, that does not mean that he is new to the business. That is owned and operated as a technology company for a few years. Now he’s jumped into investing with a self-storage facility. Trying to find land on his own he ran into many roadblocks. Then Pat did what most individuals do. They start contacting real estate companies. However, if you are trying to contact a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta and you don’t really know your direction they may get frustrated. That seems to be the case with Pat. He would talk to somebody about his needs and they would be slow to respond or not at all.


 This is where the office adviser stepped in. Pat talked to her founder and principal and was quickly put in touch with someone on our team as well. Not just say normal commercial real estate broker in Atlanta but a Powerhouse. Pat’s need was land. However, his budget does not match up with the expectations of his location. Through coaching and showing him properties that were set Neda was able to successfully get him under contract.


 Furthermore, even though Pat did not get his initial ideal location he did find a great one for his business. This is not the area he thought about initially. Need a, a very skilled commercial real estate broker in Atlanta was able to find him this location at a major discount as well. Pat’s budget was in the seven figures but got it for a quarter of the price.


His actual words

 Here is his review about working with The Office Advisors. “I sincerely appreciate the work Neda and the team have done for me. This was my first commercial real estate transaction and Neda was there every step of the way. She was patient, helpful, and supportive and most importantly she LISTENED to my wants, needs, concerns, etc. If you are looking for guidance in this complicated commercial world, Neda is the professional to work with.”


The importance of this shows that we are not only able to find a property that you may think works. However, we can show you properties that we know will work and I better cost you. They still deal out there to be had and you don’t have to be married to each one. When you work with the office advisors we will never have an obligation to lease buy or sell your property. Therefore, it only makes good business sense to have representation like guys. Trust who has trusted by many. We’re a different type of commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Earning your trust along the way is what we do.


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 have you ever tried to contact a commercial real estate broker and they never got back to you? Well unfortunately that is very typical. If you visit our website you will see is very easy for you to reach us. Fill out a form on our website first. Then one of our astonishingly qualified agents will reach out to you. Your experience will not be that of a typical commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. We can almost guarantee it. Reach out to us today so we get started on your journey.


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