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 Need help finding a good shopping center for your business?

 Trying to find a location for your company or business can be difficult. However, it does not have to be. Many Industries have chosen to work with The Office Advisors for a million reasons. We have helped everything from a bubble tea franchise to large industrial clients. Therefore, it only makes good business sense to work with experts. Instead of wasting your time searching around the world wide web for a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta go straight to our website. I’m sure you have done some light work on your own trying to locate the right space. If you run into any troubles or have questions we are available for you as well.



Moreover, you drive around to shopping centers and thought Oh this is the perfect location. With the sign out front and a number of a brokerage calling your name. You probably tried calling them and never got a response. Unfortunately, this is an all too common case. Many times the centers have no availability. The commercial real estate broker in Atlanta will leave their sign out front. You might be asking yourself why do they do this? Well let me tell you a secret, it’s about lead generation. That is right lead generation. Also, it is great exposure. With many people recognizing your sign and knowing a company’s name.


 Trying to locate and ultimately move into space?

 starting off you had a business idea. Or maybe you own multiple locations and are still struggling to find your next one. Traditionally a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta who has the listing is hard to get in touch with. That is because there are many people who think they have a business. So they will call in the sign and just ask one question. My question is typically how much is it for the space. Most Brokers do not like answering these phone calls because they are a waste of time largely.


 Therefore, if you are a legitimate business it makes things difficult. So why don’t you have representation on your side? Let The Office Advisors take the birth of some tasks of commercial real estate off your shoulders. We are a professional commercial real estate broker located in Atlanta. With a good reputation and a strong work ethic. The licensed individuals here are able to get the job done for you in a reasonable time.


 Searching around the internet he may have come across a few of the listing sites. Moreover, you might be thinking to yourself I feel like there should be much more available space. Especially in some of these shopping centers that are littered all over the Metro Atlanta area. Another Insider secret about how properties are listed. This little secret is the websites you are seeing have a paywall. So the general public only sees about 20% of the total amount of properties listed there. If you have a paid licensed account from the provider then you will be able to see the majority of them. However, for a small-time business, this makes virtually no sense to you. But that is why they typically hire a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta to represent them and find their locations.


 About a current client

 Recently The Office Advisors were contacted by a startup business. Even though this company was a start-up, it had all their ducks in a row. Meaning their financials were on an order and they had a great business plan. After being in contact with one of our commercial real estate brokers here in Atlanta they set out to eat some properties. Their criteria were fairly narrow because they knew exactly what they needed to do.


 After scouring through listings on multiple calls with Brokers we found what seems to be an ideal location. At least on paper. On the tour, this paste initially seemed to check on the boxes. Even though the square footage was slightly less than the targeted amount. The client liked the location and wanted to begin Negotiations.  from there we were able to come to terms quickly and the other preliminary activities began. Has a licensed commercial real estate broker in Atlanta we were able to guide them through the first steps of the process.


A Team Behind You

 When you work with The Office Advisors you will have a team on your side. Having a team besides just your commercial real estate broker in Atlanta will set you up for Success. At The Office Advisors, we are able to gather everything from a contractor to an insurance agent. That way you were compliant with the lease and get the job done to your standards.


 Then we lined up with a contractor we met back out of the location for measurements and walk-through. After measuring the ceiling height we realized that even though it looked and we were told initially at work. This unfortunately was not the case. The ceiling height did not hit the measurements required for the equipment that would be placed there. Also with less square footage, it would be more crammed once equipment and fixtures were arranged.


 Knowing now that the space would not work without signing the lease protecting our clients. Therefore, many have trusted The Office Advisors to represent them. See why we’re not your typical commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. 


Pivoting to restart

 even though we initially thought this location was perfect. A new search had to begin. After a few weeks, another location was identified. After touring the location it seems that this one might work great the clearing height of the location is right on target. even though negotiations can be tedious they have to restart. Therefore, it is important to have a skilled commercial real estate broker in Atlanta behind you.


 With negotiations constantly having to pick back up and start again a driven individual is important to your success. Therefore, many have chosen to work with The Office Advisors for locating the retail space. Retail can be difficult and time-consuming. However, it is good to have your expectations set from the start.


 Contact us

 we try to make it as simple as possible for you to reach us. Therefore, on our website, is fairly intuitive Friedrich us. Set of wasting your time all you have to do is fill out a form and one of our license agents reaches out to you. We want to pair you with the right commercial real estate broker in Atlanta for your needs. Do not hesitate but reach us today.


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