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If you’re looking to hire a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta then you don’t have to look much further. Instead of wasting your time all day searching around the world wide web for the next location. We make it easy for you. Go visit our website at Here you can get in contact with us and also learn about the services we provide.


Unlike our competition, our website is easily navigated and navigatable. Therefore, you should have no issue with you finding it or seeking the service that you request. Likewise, will assist you in the most efficient way possible. When working with us you will quickly see that we are different commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta.


What does an agent do?

 Many individuals wonder what it is or what job actually yes. Some understand that property is Baltimore and we may advertise it and that is about that period or, they might think that we actually write the language and all the contracts. All the contracts. Some of this is true however however, there is much more that is done if you’re a good commercial real estate broker in the city of Atlanta.


Moreover, there are many different aspects that you can do when you’re a licensed commercial real estate agent. There there are jobs that many don’t even aware of or exist period from analytics to tenant representation. If you’re looking for a career as an agent there are options for you. You. If you want to learn more about jobs availability you can visit our website as well. At The Office Advisors, we are always hiring. We’re a different type of commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Why don’t you find out for yourself and grow your career today?


 When you represent the Company looking to lease

 Now, one of the most unaware or is there or unilluminated job illuminated jobs as a commercial real estate agent is that of a tenant representative. What this means is that there is a company looking to lease space from land. This landlord has representation however most of the time the company does not appear therefore, there is a job called a lieutenant rap. This tenant is representative is a licensed commercial Agent. And they hang their license under a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. They must do this in order to be legal.


This tenant representative has the interest of the business or company trying to leave space. Their job is to not only help locate properties but negotiate on their behalf in order to obtain the best deal possible.


On a daily basis, they will try to locate a property for the tenant. This initial phase of site location can be argued especially if other commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta are updating the websites where the listings are located. However, this is not the only hurdle. The use is something we must overcome in many locations as well.


Does this make sense to a first-timer?

To new businesses, this may seem counterintuitive to them. However not every landlord wants to rent to every type of company meaning they have the right to deny the organization the allowable space just based on the use. An example of this could be a restaurant looking to locate a shopping center. Well, maybe the shopping center already has too much food and beverage. Or a competing restaurant might already be located there.


Sometimes there are businesses that have a negative connotation to them. Other tenants might complain about the type of customers these businesses bring. A recent example of this is a tobacco and vape store that we were working with. One of the commercial real estate brokers on our team in Atlanta had a listing in a suburb. The suburb is a retail center location. It was previously an art studio and is currently available for sublease.


This sublease has had a lot of traction on it because it is in a great high-growth area. With lots of traffic count and a good medium income. Therefore all types of businesses have reached out in order to try and lease out the location. We have had many calls from tobacco and vape stores. The owner or landlord of the building will not allow this use. Even though they’re profitable stores the other tenants complain that they run off their clientele. Whether this is the case or not it doesn’t really matter. We’re not governed by fair housing like a residential agent expansion


So if your needing help with leasing a new space. Whether you are a small business or large company we are able to help well we will represent you when the landlord will not. Remember that landlord has representation so it only makes good business sense that you do as well. Don’t go into a financial situation without expert guidance on your side. Many companies have trusted the office advisers for the representation. We are a highly rated commercial real estate broker in Atlanta for reasons. We represent our clients and go to bad for them and every step of the transaction.


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 Lastly, we make it easy for you to reach us. All you have to do is go to our website and fill out one of the forms from there our licensed advisers will reach out to you in a timely manner. We wanted to assist you and begin the process as soon as possible. That. Do not hesitate but begin your journey today by visiting our website. We are standing by.


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 The officer’s adviser is associated with a multitude of real estate organizations. We can assist you no matter what you need in a real estate transaction. Whether it is building from ground-up development or finding your dream home. The office advises are a team of organizations can help. Not just another commercial real estate broker in Atlanta, the best!