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Why do we stand out as a firm?

 Now, if you have never worked with a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta you’re in luck. Here at The Office Advisors, we do things differently. Holding all of our commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta to the highest standard. Therefore, you should feel at ease when working with us. Not all commercial real estate companies are created equal. Especially with how they treat their quiet and go about their service. See why many have trusted the office advisors for our service. It is no small about that it is how we hold our agents in what our policies and procedures demand of them. So if you’re looking for representation we suggest you visit our website to reach us. www.theofficeadvisors.com


 Furthermore, it only makes good business sense to have a licensed commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on your side. If you were trying to lease or purchase space the other side most likely will. Therefore, it only makes good business sense to have someone who understands the market. We are not saying you cannot negotiate on your own. However, since we look at contracts involved in the market on a daily basis it just makes it to add your team. Especially if you were trying to lease space or purchase an existing asset. The office advisors typically do not charge a fee for that side of the representation.


The Manual is What makes our Agents successful

 Heading this article you will see why we are different. We lay out some of the ground rules on why our commercial real estate broker in Atlanta stands out from the competition. Our policies and procedures manual is an outline of how they should act and conduct themselves. As well as create a better service for our customers.


 Having continued education is imperative

 the office advisors expect its licensees to focus on personal development throughout their career. This is because you never want to wake up the same person you were the day before. Constantly evolving your learning is what makes your well-rounded if good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Realtor-sponsored designations are great and they contain excellent material inside. We encourage each commercial licensee to work towards their CCIM certification.


License requirements

 Now, this might go without saying but every commercial real estate broker in Atlanta must be licensed. This doesn’t matter if you’re an agent or a broker.  All associate, Broker professionals must provide a copy of a valid real estate license and driver’s license. All licensees must be kept in good standing or be subject to any fines and cards. Licensee is prohibited from interacting with the public or clients in a professional manner unless their license status is active and in good standing. This follows GREC guidelines as well.


Production guide


 Goal setting

 The Office Advisors expect license he’s to understand the nature of how their business is built into set their goals accordingly. Here at The Office Advisors, it is very important to us that we help our licensees achieve their goals. To help them get from where they are to where they want to be. We keep records of their goals and hold them accountable throughout the year. That’s part of the onboarding process our team will cover the goals of each license eat. Go sitting at the tech to will cover the following areas. Financial goals, career goals, experience goals, travel goals family goals, and health goals.


Using your time and a smart way

 effective time management is key to being a successful commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Therefore you must do small things. Some of these are checking your priority list before you take a break. Work on The Office Advisors related work 100% of the time that we are at the office. Open Office hours are for maintenance after or before regular business hours are for growth. Therefore you must use your time wisely and in a productive manner.


Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals


The problem with some goals is that they are too vague and general to do any good. Having a specific goal keeps our attention and energy focused. If our goal is too vague, we will not know exactly where to direct our efforts. 


By making goals measurable and tracking results we are able to keep score and visualize our improvements. We utilize the daily tracking systems in place to visualize progress.


A S.M.A.R.T. goal is one that is set based on realistic expectations and performance requirements. They should push us out of our comfort zone, but not be so wildly optimistic that the goal can’t be reached without completely rebuilding our business.


 Look for the connection between achieving our goals and our personal life improvement. Because we are trying to improve ourselves, our goals must be intended to stretch us, yet be within our reach. “All successful men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal

Take a leap of faith 

You have to take a blind leap of faith to believe without question the ideas that you don’t yet understand. If “they don’t work” you can always go back to the sea of mediocrity where the other 80% are waiting for you. • Postpone judgment for six months -You cannot voice negative opinions or jump to conclusions about any of the ideas that we present during your first six months. • You must commit to tracking your results 


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