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 Who do we assist?

 Starting off many people view commercial real estate in one aspect. However, being a successful commercial real estate broker in Atlanta takes knowledge of a few things. One of them is your customer needs in the other is the market and Industry workings. Therefore, aligning yourself with a professional who can help you attain your commercial real estate goals makes good business sense. What many individuals in the general public think of when you say commercial real estate is high-rise Towers. If you want to learn more about what we can do for you then visit our website today.


 Moreover, the general public believes commercial real estate is just development. However, that is not the case. There are many different aspects that commercial real estate touches on. Therefore, they are many jobs for clients that a commercial real estate broker in Atlanta can assist. Some of them being the tenant representation side. Or the asset management and acquisition side. At TOA Commercial we can assist you through all this. There is a myriad of clients that we have helped in this world. Whether they were a startup looking for a small retail space, or a sophisticated investment fund. At TOA Commercial our licensed commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta love helping.


 Some short stories about who we have helped

 Gigi sweets

Recently, one of our clients opened a start-up business. They had their grand opening this previous weekend for a unique concept. GiGi sweets Spawn from an idea of our client and their daughter. Their daughter was making and selling lollipops at school and the school shot them down. Duss our client saw an opportunity for her daughter to learn about business and capitalism. She didn’t set out to create a business plan and model. What they do is have a candy store with a playground inside and Event Center. Center around little girls and have a safe space and environment.


 Moreover, our client initially contacted us and wanted to be in the Buckhead area. She had a few ideas on other locations but was really looking to us to be their guide. After setting on tours and locating a few properties we decided on a certain area. Instead of Buckhead the Alpharetta area was chosen due to its high income and large number of families.


 After identifying a few potential properties We started our tours and walk the areas as well as the inside of the property. Once the favorite was identified we started negotiating. This property is located at the corner of Highway 9 and Bethany Road in Milton Georgia. Right on the line of Alpharetta. The demographics are excellent, especially with a high school and middle school less than a block away. Furthermore, a large number of neighborhoods or in the immediate area which the client can draw from. 


Negotiations were quick and agreed upon easily. It is important to note that we were well under budget for the client and she got the dream location out of it. With only a few minutes of build, their client was set to open and is now having its grand opening and working towards creating a sustainable successful business. We’re not saying that the client cannot have found a location on their own. However, is important to note that having a successful commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on your side can save you time money as well as headaches.


 Land for purchase

 development is one of the top things that come to mind when people say the words commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Now, this is obviously a very important aspect of our job. Especially since we cannot operate the commercial real estate space if there are no buildings to be built or currently built. Therefore, at TOA Commercial we assist companies in locating land to build their dream location or investment. Recently one of our clients started off by thinking about Redevelopment and then has changed their tune to ground up.


 After searching what felt like the whole North Georgia metro area a few Parcels were identified. We are currently in the offering stage but our client cannot be more ecstatic about the location and potential closing price. It is well under his budget and is in a location that will be easy for development as well as access. just calling initially set out on their own to locate and negotiate but kept coming up short. After contacting the Premier Commercial Real Estate Broker in Atlanta we are able to locate and now negotiate on the parcels. Just another example of why it pays to have a Professional on your side.


 large priced off-market items

 now, let’s talk about the deal that gets some people excited. In another recent story, our founder was contacted by an individual looking to purchase data centers. These data centers are extremely hard to come by but they trust the professionals at TOA commercial. That is because we are licensed commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta but could operate in all 50 states. They are having major issues locating and offering data centers. So after a few conversations, we have set out and identified some properties.


 Moreover, this investor group is looking to develop land in Florida alongside churches as a joint venture. They have a model where they’re like to do 55 + communities that are an active adult as well as self-storage facilities. With it being such a hot market and a focused approach it just takes some hard work. However, being a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta doesn’t come easily. Therefore we must put in the work in order to get paid the big bucks. To give you a perspective data centers can go up words of 20 to 100 million dollars. That’s a small percentage of commission is even a great thing to think about. So if you’re interested in getting into this field contact us as well today.


 Contact us

 now, at TOA Commercial we try to make it as simple as possible for you to reach us. That is why on her website there’s a form as well as the good old-fashioned telephone. We tried to make it as easily accessible to everyone. Therefore, it doesn’t take much time to reach us. If you fill out a form one of our agents will reach out to you. Having a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta on your side will ease your pain as well as your headache.


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