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Knowing Breaking News about Real Estate

 It is important to stay abreast of what is happening in your state. Especially if you are a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. An abundance of companies moving into our state creates a war for brokerages. Every company wants to make sure they get the biggest and best representation.

Therefore, it only makes good business sense to hire a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Understanding what is going on in your state whether it is the investment side, new businesses, or the heat of the market in the vertical. All licensed individuals as well as businesses and people should pay attention to what is happening. Therefore, we stay abreast that’s the topics. If you want to learn more about us visit our website today.


 Generally speaking each one of our commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta pays attention to the news. We get a lot of it from Co-star as well as other new sources. However, this website is what we focus on since it is directed toward the commercial real estate broker in Atlanta. Everything from multifamily, office, and industrial to Retail and Hospitality. As well as international news and fundraising. If you want an expert you should hire us.


Industry Silos in CRE 

 There are many different verticals to choose from when it comes to Commercial Real Estate. As well as the magnitude of factors that affect it.  staying abreast of some of these topics is what we do. we will do a quick overview of a couple of new stories about what’s Happening end is around the Georgia Market. All of these affect our industry and should not be taken lightly. Some of them include the effects of rising interest rates as well as what is happening in each industry vertical.


The Office Market in Atlanta

 Over the past few years, the office market has taken a hit. Not only in Atlanta but in all states as well. This was due in fact to the covid-19 outbreak. However, Atlanta has seen an uptake in office Leasing. This isn’t a short part of the great state tax benefits we receive. As well as smart commercial real estate brokers in the area. Having a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta can save you thousands and find the right location for you. That is why many companies have trusted The Office Advisors for their representation.


A New Large General Office Lease

One of the current office leases that have happened is the Goldbergs group has signed a lease for their new headquarters. This is going to be located in Atlanta. Previously the food group was off of  1700 Enterprise Way Southeast in Marietta. They’ve been there for a row long time and it is seen as a shock and change in the market for them to relocate to Atlanta. Goldberg’s Fine Foods, Braves All-Star Grill, Mainline foods, and others reach the deal for over 26,000 square feet. This new location will be at Windy Ridge Parkway Southeast. They also signed a 10-year lease on this deal.


In 2019 a father-and-son team the Lopez has acquired the property at Windy Ridge. They bought it at 19 million dollars as part of a Litany of office and multi-family property sales near the stadium. This was a course in no small fact to the New Stadium opening in 2017. The Goldbergs group will occupy the entire fifth floor and a small amount of the fourth as well. 


If you want to learn more about the building you can check out co-star or one of your other property websites. But they give you a short on it it is 6 degrees and over 100,000 square feet. Since the signing of this lease agreement, the property is now fully leased. There is a tenant mix of construction companies as well as a financial institution.


Recent retail purchase

 Another very strong industry vertical in Atlanta is retail. Having a good retail commercial real estate broker in Atlanta can save you thousands or make you Millions as well. Here at The Office Advisors, we have a team of retail and off-market properties as well. If you want to learn more about how we can manage your property or find your next portfolio add give us a call. We will dispose of your properties as well and get you the highest price possible.


 The property cell that we’re talking about is located in Fayetteville Georgia. It is a JCPenney as well as Kroger anchored shopping center. This location sold for $24.4 million dollars. Continental was the purchaser and is based out of Baltimore Maryland. The size of this location is 257000 square feet. Is also known as Banks Crossing. The organization that disposed of the asset is a New York-based organization. Called Nightingale properties.  Notting Hill properties purchase the property originally in January of 2012. The transaction that recently happened closed sometime in the early week of May 2022.

Overall Increase in Retail Purchases

Recently there has been an uptick in retail property purchases from investors. This is been not only in Atlanta but all around the world. With the US having strong retail growth year-on-year even with Amazon. It is submitted as an attractive model. Having a good commercial real estate broker on your side can find you the right property in making you money. Recently it is recorded that over $105 billion in 2021 was put to work to acquire shopping centers.


Furthermore, any anchored center with something like Kroger or a public sassiness is extremely desirable. This is because strip malls attract steady foot traffic with grocery stores. Which increases the amount of visibility of the other retailers in the strip mall. In other news, if you do not know JC Penney offered to acquire Kohls for 8.6 billion dollars. Claiming that JCPenney if taken taking ownership could decrease expenses for all operations if they combined brands.


A few more go points are the fact that this Banks Crossing location is 100% leased and there are some credit tenants as well. Including Guitar Center, Sally Beauty Supply as well as a Planet Fitness location. All large square footage and corporately guaranteed leases. Making it a very attractive location for investors.


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