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 No, being a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta means you’re staying on top of what is happening. The Office Advisors do as by skating multiple articles from different news sources. There are lots of things happening in this state and not only in the Metro Atlanta area. However, Atlanta is the Hub of my business. Therefore, it is important for us to stay on top of it, especially in our Market.


 Furthermore, Georgia’s a whole has seen an increase in major corporations moving into our state. There has been a large number of manufacturing facilities in companies. This is due to the small fact that we have a great tax system here. Making it cheaper for companies to house their employees in this location. Being a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta means you know what is happening around you. As well as understanding the businesses that interact with the real estate as a whole. Even though prices have continued to rise on construction. A large number of new developments are popping up.


 Some of these developments range from office to Industrial. Therefore, the industry is still moving ahead and is not showing signs of slowing down. There are different types of commercial real estate brokers in Atlanta that handle these transactions. Some of them are specialized others are on the leasing side. However, made sure when you’re dealing with any commercial real estate asset you have a broker who understands you. That is why many have trusted The Office Advisors.


Manufacturing facilities building new locations

 now the developer Hines is going to be breaking ground in an Industrial Park. This is located in the Atlanta area. They are an Atlanta commercial real estate broker and developer. When it will be done it’ll be nearly a million square feet of industrial space in Greater Atlanta.   align Tuesday Global real estate development company. Will be taking on the project. Name Thurmon Tanner Logistics. This will be located in the Flowery Branch city. Which is a suburb that most no outside of the Atlanta metro. It is long to enter State 9 85 going north.


 This will be an entire part and we’ll have a reported three buildings. The first building is already underway and will contain about 445000 square feet. The two other buildings will be smaller in square footage. However, the total amount of square footage is around 825000 square feet. The market is one of the strongest for industries currently and is only continually growing. Building a will also have a 36-foot clear Heights and will be reloading. Most likely to be completed before year-end. The  Commercial Real Estate Brokerage on this in Atlanta is Nai Brannen Goddard. and they will have two individuals handling the leasing.


Another location

As just another factor of the strong industrial manufacturing Market in the Atlanta area. A company Saint-Gobain will be investigating a reported hundred million dollars. They will do this to expand their roofing shingle manufacturing facility. These manufacturing facilities are located in Peachtree City Georgia. It is hoping to double production if not more at that location. With the demand for construction Rising this is no surprise. Construction materials companies are looking at expanding current locations in order to ramp up to meet the demand. Furthermore there doing another 118 million dollars in one of their other facilities located in North Carolina. Just goes to show that you need to have a good commercial real estate broker in Atlanta or wherever you’re at. Make sure that your facility meets your needs not only now but can be expanded in the future.


What is happening in the current office market in Atlanta?


Now the trading of office Towers or seen by many. Especially this day and time when the office had a massive drop off. With coronavirus happening and people fleeing the office and driving. It was to be seen that some of these buildings would be traded at a later date. However, even though the office has a volatile Market currently. A commercial real estate broker in Atlanta brokered the deal for one of our trophy office Towers. This was a 22-story building located in Buckhead. Of course one of the highest coveted neighborhoods in the Atlanta area. The Pinnacle was Ben has been an icon in the Buckhead area.


 This building stands out with its arched roof that covers a rooftop Green Space. This building was originally developed by cousins properties in the late 1990s. Even though recently by kind of seen the increase in crime and a little bit fall from favor. The area still brings in a large number of residential dwellers as well as tourists. Furthermore, this iconic building is in a piece of prime real estate. 


Furthermore, this expensive piece of real estate commands higher asking rents. The average rent in the Pinnacle is around $45 per square foot. Similar buildings and the Buckhead area average around $39. Making it a great investment for many. Currently, the Pinnacle sits at around 12% vacancy. Even with double-digit vacancy, it has clawed its way back performing better than it did at the height of the pandemic.


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